Before her birth, her parents died in a horrible accident, as they both drowned in the Invex. Even before she was born, the underground knew who she was. A fellow by the name of Granger took her in. She grew up thinking of him as uncle. As she grew, he trained her for the life he would need her to lead. Her agility and speed was honed to perfection. In order to eat, she had to steal for her uncle. His reward was a bowl of grog per talent he made from what she brought in. By the age of six, she was on the streets alone more times than not. Life went by.. her past rarely haunting her.. and having to deal with noone but Granger, she was happy. After about 6 years of living this life, it took a turn, her uncle began to notice her as more than a child. He began to keep her at home more and more often. When she was thirteen, he come to her late at night for the first time. He covered her mouth with his hand as she slept, and began to grope about her body, the posca on his breath gagging her as she awoke. As she began to struggle, he told her in a drunken swagger that the more she struggled, the more it would hurt, so she closed her eyes and prayed to who ever was listening for a release. Finally she passed out from panic, and awoke the next morning to a bowl of grog. She resigned herself to deal with it as she could. As she grew even older, loved flowered... a boy of about her own age. One night, when Granger come to her, she fought him back, leaving marks across his face. After he finished beating her she passed out, not knowing what else he did to her that night. When she awoke the next morning.. it was to find a fresh outfit layed out for her, and perfume to make her more pleasant. Thinking it was an apology for the beating, she dressed up and walked downstairs to get break fast. A stranger was sitting there with her uncle, he was dressed up in expensive clothing, and had a dazzling smile. Her uncle sent her away with him. Upon reaching his house, she was lead into a secluded place and fed. After eating, the man come to her alone, and began to undress her, taken aback, Teresa slapped him in the face. He screamed as he ran for servants, coming back with four serving boys, they all held her down and took turns raping her, when they finished with her, the sent her home with the maids. With no other option in her life, she began her short spurt as a prostitiute. When she turned fifteen, she sold herself for the first time, and the last, her price on herself was a small metal spoon. She took the spoon to her room and sharpened it to a fine blade, and concealed it in her pillow. One night her uncle come to her in her bed, and she calmly reached up and grabbed her spoon, pulling it out she reached down and calmly remove his penis for him and shoved it down his throat. Standing calmly, she dressed quickly and searched to house for anything of value before taking to the streets. After living in the streets for a few years, toything to the thugs and brutes, she finally fought her way out to where she is now. She spends her life trying to make patrician, with her thieving past haunting her into her present.

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