Tarravus Tassius

Tarravus Tassius grew up in the town of Seld. His father was a merchant, traveling from town to town, around the world, buying and selling stuff. Tarravus didn't see him very much. His mother was a waitress in the Blue Breakwater Inn. She worked hard for little money.

One day, Tarravus father came to town again. He told Tarravus and his mother to get all their stuff together and leave with him. He didn't want to answer the questions Tarravus and his mother had: 'Why? Where are we going?'. So in the afternoon, they departed on a ship, heading east.

In the middle of the night, a shock woke up Tarravus. The ship had hit something. He heard people yelling. And the sound of metal on metal. He cameout of his room and there were bodies lying on the floor everywhere. 'River Pirates,' he said, and he started looking for his parents.

His father was lying in his room, his shirt soaked with blood. 'Flee Tarravus... Go now...'. 'Where is mother,' Tarravus asked, frightened. His father whispered, 'Go, before it's too late' Tarravus fled, to the main deck of the ship. A few pirates there noticed him and ran towards him, but Tarravus duck between them and jumped overboard, in the river. He tried to swim, but the wild stream took him westwards. He tried to stay on the surface, but the stream was too tough....

'You look much better now,' said the man in the blue toga. Tarravus noticed that he was in a dark room, lying in a bed, a bandage around his head. He tried to move, but the pain he felt forced him to stay where he was. Then he recognized the man who stood before him, it was Elminius, the most skilled healer from Seld.

'I found you on the river bank a few days ago', said Elminius. Tarravus told him about the river pirates, and what happened to his parents.

The following years, Elminius took care of Tarravus. After he was healed, he spent most of his days fishing, hunting and most of his nights in the Blue Breakwater Inn, drinking, playing dice games,... It was on one of those nights that he made a big mistake. He had been drinking too much, and he was playing dice against two other people, who had also been drinking alot. One of his opponents had been winning alot, and Tarravus caught him cheating and punched him in the face yelling, 'CHEATER!'

The man fell back on the ground. When he stood up, his face was full of anger. He drew his knife, and moved towards Tarravus, who also drew his knife. The man tried to slash Tarravus but he dodged the move quickly, then thrusted his knife forwards and drove it into the body of the man. He pulled the knife out of it and the man fell to the ground like a pile of rags. Then Tarravus noticed the crowd who had formed a circle around him. Tarravus' other dice opponent whispered to him, 'That was a big mistake, that guy has power. You better run as far as you can.'

And Tarravus ran, jumped on the first ship he saw. It was going westwards, to Iridine. Tarravus thought a lot about what happened in the inn, and he was afraid, very afraid. 'This man has power'. Well, he couldn't go back to Seld. Maybe Iridine had something to offer.

When he arrived there, immediately 2 constables came to him and grabbed him. 'This is him,' said one of them. Tarravus was taken away to a cell. A few hours later, the door went open and there was the man Tarravus stabbed. He smiled broadly and said, 'hah, they found you. Well don't think the day in jail will be your only punishment. I have a lot of influence around the republic, and I have made it so that you are killed on sight when you enter Seld again.' The man left, and Tarravus could hear his laughter trough the hallway behind the cell door. Wellhere he was, in Iridine, in jail, and he couldn't return to his birth city.

When he woke up the next day, he was dragged out of the cell and his stuff was returned to him in a sack marked with his name. After he plled back on his clothes, he walked out of the prison. Here he was, Iridine, the Eternal City. He couldn't be depressed forever about the fact that he wasn't allowed to go back to Seld. He had to turn to the fact that he had no money and no food. And one day, when HE would hgrow powerful, he would take his revenge...

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