Talamen Ronin

I was born the last child of a family of 5 in the woodlands of Altene. My father Ranbe Ronin and my mother Lala Ronin both grew up learning the peacful ways of woodland skills, they passed the traid on to my 2 sisters,my 2 brothers and I. As a hobby we practiced staves, after all our chores were completed. Every day we were to scavange the woods for saplings, and bring them home so our father and mother could carve and make things out of the wood, usually we put a couple of twigs on the side for our own amusement.

One fateful morning my 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and I were on our daily chores when apperantly in the woods were about 5 bandits, we did not see them but they were watching us, waiting for us to lead them to our home were they were planning to rob my family. When we all arrived at home my father informed us he needed on more sapling, me bieng the youngest, it was custom that I was to get it. I walked out about a half mile when I heard screams from the direction of our cabin, I climbed a tree and peaked over the forest canopy seeing smoke coming from my family's cabin. I quickly descended the tree and ran home, when i arrived home my heart sank as I saw each of my family member's heads impailed on spears dug into the ground.

I let out a moan but had no more time to react when a harsh voice from behind me said, 'You ready to join your parents and siblings, we gotta spear wit' yo name on it.'
I turned around to see the 5 bandits, they all had torhces in their hand. I then noticed that my house was on fire, I shrugged at all the possesions that were burning inside. The bandits approached me when I heard a booming voice yell, 'HEY LEAVE THE BOY ALONE YOU SCUM!'

I saw 3 Iridine Soldiers walk in through the woods wielding Bronze Gladius'. The bandits facial expressions fell from a evil smile to utter terror, I watched as the soldiers completely destroyed the bandits sparing no mercy, blood splattered on my face as the soldiers buried their swords into the bandits chests and hacked them down literally piece by piece.

It turned out that the soldiers were walking back from a meeting from in Altene about the war with Aestevia. I wepped many days for my family and still haven't gotten over my pain. But since that day I vowed to myself to become an Iridine constable and protect the city that saved my life. Someday I hope i can repay the huge debt i owe to this glorius city, and I believe I will.

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