A small child around six years old walks with her parents down a simple street in Altene. Dusk approaches as her parents talk of the evening's escapades. The small girl beams with happiness. Her training was going well and nothing could be better. In the shadows a hungry thief awaits a new victim. Spotting the family he immediately thinks of the things he could loot from their cold corpses. As they approach he pounces.

The girl watches in horror as the events unfold. The thief looks briefly at the child and smirks as she falls to her knees in tears. Bending over the bodies of her parents she swears on her very soul that she will NEVER turn out as bitter and hopeless as the man who had stolen her world.

Now she walks the streets of various cities. She is quiet, gentle, and graceful. She protects and heals who she can, always at the service of Ereal and those around her.

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