Solberg Von Troll

Solberg Von Troll was born into a happy family in Altene. His mother had died from shock after the news that the oldest son, Gonra had died in a pit in the Bandit Forests near the great city of Iridine. Solberg refused to learn the stave as did his brother Jenneke, who was quite skilled with an axe, Much to the anger of his father and uncle. Solberg ran away to seek learning from hermit in the forests who taught him the ways of the outdoorsmen. Before returning to Altene, Solberg arrived in Iridine and was amazed at the sight that met his eyes. A city, where people's skills are admired (well most skills).

Solberg spent a few days in Iridine before returning to Altene to face the wrath of his father. Much to Solberg's horror, his father was killed in battle only four days before he returned. With the help of Jenneke, Adron, his younger brother and Adronia, Adron's twin sister, he buried their father in the family grave.

Solberg stayed in Altene for several months taking care of the family business of stave crafting. However the business was unable to bring in the income the four remaining children needed to survive. Jenneke travelled to Iridine to try and find a job there to support the family who was to come to Iridine a few months later. But it was not to be.

Jenneke became a warrior and was killed on the battlefields, not being as good as he once thought. Adron travelled to Iridine and became a thief. He was never heard from again. Solberg and Adronia travelled to Iridine together and Adronia took up Healing and later became a citizen of Iridine. Solberg spent most of his time in the bandit forests and the Perry Inn making torches to try and support both Himself and Adronia, as well as pay for her healing supplies. Adronia is currently doing her best to earn an income to pay for her supplies herself, but she doesn't receive enough donations. Solberg can also be found on the Vet Road fishing to keep himself and Adronia well fed.

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