Skye was the first of two daughters born to the harshest man in Windward. She learned very quickly that anything that she wanted from this world would be a struggle. She endured the full brunt of the verbal and physical beatings that her father handed out so that her younger sister would be spared. Instead of breaking her will, every lash that she received only made her will grow stronger. Once her sister had left the house, and Skye knew that she would be safe, Skye stole enough money from her father to escape Windward and the life that she had so detested.

Skye arrived in Iridine with what was on her back, and little else. She had had plenty of experience tending her own wounds as a child, and she had seen enough of fighting, so she did the natural thing; she became a healer.

Skye has come to Iridine to heal others, and in the process, hopes to heal herself. If anyone is ever in need, she tries to help as best she can. So, if ever ye be in trouble or need healed, just call.

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