Siltar Darkblade

Siltar was born in Altene. He grew up, in a civilized family, much like his friend, Chasm Brightwind. Unlike Chasm, he was not born with the warrior instinct of an Altenian, as both his parents were descended from Iridine heritage. He gre up nurtured behind books and desks, living the life of a rich child. His father was a trade merchant, active in many guilds, and his mother stayed at home. Siltar was studying to become a scholar and had little time for anything else. However, realizing that they did live in Altene, his parents hired a mercenary to tutor him in the arts of warfare. He trained with a quarterstave and reluctantly learned the ways of fighting. His parents soon moved back to Iridine after that, where Siltar now resides.

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