Sibyl Ambrose

Sibyl was born in Altene on..well, that doesn't matter. One should never ask a girls age anyway. She had loving parents, though she slightly resented their choice in fighting, but knew it was her, and their, heritage. Though both of her parents were experienced stavespeople, Sibyl refused to even touch a stave.
When she was about twelve, Sibyl's parents moved to Monlon. Sibyl decided that she hated it from the moment she set foot in it, only because it was different from Altene and she missed her friends. A month or so after her thirteenth birthday, Sibyl packed up her belongings and headed off in the direction, she thought, of Altene.
Of course, Sibyl had no idea of where she was going, and was truly wandering towards Iridine. She survived on generous offerings from people (*winkwink*), and she only ate when she was famished. She never really fought much, as she thought it was savage, though when anything really made her mad..She reformed her thoughts.
Arriving in Iridine recently at the age of eightteen Sibyl decided to stay, since along the way she had learned to pick locks for people in the bandit forests, and Apula always had a job opening.
Still new to the city, smart-mouthed Sibyl has a lot to learn before she finally gets secure enough to try to venture out and find her parents or friends.

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