My Story, The Story of Shlinter Sargont, Altene Mercenary, Bard

While training, I swatted at the dummy. My teacher was relived. I continued swatting until my arms ached, then some. My teacher was the best there was around, and I was not going to give up the training. I continued to learn from him for two years, then I went on to fight in Alteneís Heart, for two years. Most people stay in for four years, but I was in for two years. After that, I joined The Black Wolves, and stayed for 5 years. Getting the rank of Lieutenant. Then I killed one of my superiors and was outcast from the wolves. I could have joined another Group, but I only wanted to join the Sharks, and they were 3 winters away. So I went to Iridine. There I made my home, and started working as a Soldier in Lego I. Last year, I finished my term, and became a traveling bard. I traveled for 3 months, then came back to Iridine and did manual labor until three months ago, when I began hunting and fighting again. Now I have almost gained back my lost wealth from when I was outcast, 2 Talents, 18 Cents, 20 Denar, 3 Sterces, and 4 sens, and have gotten better in my skills as a Mercenary. I will give someone protection for 15 Denar a fight, and will not back down like my Ancestors. I have no home, and the only way to find me is to look for me. I am not the best Stavesman there is, but I will not flee.

Shlinter Sargont, Altene Mercenary, Traveling Bard

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