Sheesh Kebab

I came into Iridine a traveller looking for easy money. unfortunatley, for yours truly, I have been stuck in debts for most of my stay. I now earn little (if any) selling weapons and clothes to passers-by. What little I earn, I spend, usually during the week. My parents were good to me but after our village was attacked by Bandits contact with my family became impossible. All I know is that my Father was kidnapped by the Bandits and forced to join them. I daren't enter the forsts now throuigh fear of being killed by my own Father. My Mother, I have no trace of, and as for my two brothers...they escpaed to Altene and I hope to see them sometime during the future. I am also training to defend myself. I am training in axes at the moment and perhaps, one day, I may become an Iridine Soldier. That is my ultimate goal in life. I am friendly towards others who repsect it and if you see me in the street alone, don't hesitate to speak to me. I am looking for friends as well.

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