Sernak Jernstum

Sernak Jerenstum was born of noble Altene blood. Having been raised in the ways of the Altene, he was taught the use of a stave. Sernak took a great liking to the weapon, and quickly became good at it. Upon arriving to Iridine the 19th year of his life, Sernak found that a great evil had began to take the city. He aided the Priests of Ereal in their battle against this force, and some still know him for his bravery that night. As time passed, Sernak felt out of place in the city. He purchased a hooded cloak and spent nearly every waking moment battling the rats and osecars that populate the sewers of Iridine. He quickly gained friends, and loyalty. Before long, Sernak had become rather good with the stave, and decided to spend his days battling at the dumps. Many a day passed as he fought alone there, and many a denar earned by selling the many pelts and stones he gained. Sernak was making a successful living. Before long, Sernak had become Capable, in the old ways of ranking, and took it upon himself to help control the bandit problems near Vetallun. Many a friend did Sernak gain, and he had become wealthy, but he was still distraught. The injustice within the city of Iridine displeased Sernak. He seen the abuse of power in the Constablary, and sought to fix it. He began organizing a group of his greatest friends, and some of the greatest warriors known to Iridine. All seemed to be well in the way of upholding Justice, but something beyond his control caused Sernak to have to sleep for a great time. Upon returning, he found things in Iridine to be much better, and the Constablary was honorable once again, and with it he had lost his place. Hearing about an organization called the Conclave, Sernak sought a place for himself. A member of the Conclave, called Raynor, was beaten and stolen from by a man named Infinitus. Sernak was informed to aprehend Infinitus and get Raynor's belongings back. He passively confronted Infinitus, who would not comply, and a brawl broke out. Sernak was then double-teamed by Magestica and Infinitus, but due to his superior stave skilles, he managed to hold them off, and weaken Infinitus, who would not comply to justice. During the course of battle, Sernak fumbled his stave, and the dishonorable Infinitus grabbed it. Unable to defend himself, Sernak left. He later requested that he get his sturdy oak quarterstave returned, as well as Raynor's things. When Infinitus refused, Sernak again took physical action, but ignorant bystanders felt they needed to defend Infinitus. A party of Aestro, Magestica, Atua, and Infinitus brutally slaughtered Sernak at the dumps, and he never breathed again.

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