Seraph (Ceris) Trollbane

Born on the 11th Day of Invex, Year of the Republic 199, to Domus Ceris and Lilly (Terryon) Ceris. Current age is 18. My father is a trader and my mother comes of the Terryon fisherfolk trading family. Both come from Windward and moved to Iridine the year before my sister Angelic was born, to take advantage of the trading in its harbor area.

I had a happy childhood, filled with love. My father made a modest living from the trading, as some people say he is as honest as the day is long, so we never were rich. Our family house is on the sea, northwest of the Northside Carcass Buyers.

When I was 15, my father hired a boat ride up the invex for his and ma's anniversary. During the boatride, it capsized and the boatman saved me and my sister, but ma and da were swept downstream. Little did i know, but they hit their head on the rocks and were saved by fisherman past the harbor as they floated on a log. Father had mumbled about being Windwardian and they were taken to Windward. My uncle Angus Terryon, a locksmith in Windward, nursed them to health, and my parents were reunited with me about six months ago. It is my visits to Uncle Angus as a child that aroused my interest in locksmithing.

While still 16 years old, I was living with my Aunt Alatia Ceris, also a locksmith and living in Iridine. My sister Angelic decided to make her way at Apula's. She was briefly married to Locksmith Corran Tlasiman and went past a novice locksmith in skill. While trying to talk to a masked bandit known as the "Tin Man" she was killed at the age of 17. I cried much when she died as we were very close.

I left my Aunts a little over a year ago, also at 17. Since that time I have studied to being a capable locksmith. After a time of romantic heartache and pain and marriage to one husband that died and an annullment, I finally met the dream knight of my life, Thoras Trollbane.

Thoras is the Sergeant of Legio I, a very great warrior and wonderful husband. We have been married for a little over a year and we have a newborn son of three months, Danath Aer Trollbane.

I have always been a religious girl and have the Love of Ereal in my heart. I was briefly an Acolyte with the Temple, but left it. I am not worthy of the poverty and piety requirements. However, i still know that Ereal still requires me to be a Priestess in my heart.

Recently, I started the Light of Truth Reformation, a salaried Trade Guild for Locksmiths. I am the HeadMistress of it and it is doing much worthy work and employing some of our members in salaried jobs.

I have a wonderful life in Iridine, and hopefully my life will be a blessing to its denizens.

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