The day is cold and windy.......Rain begins to pour down upon the heads of The Legion of Gadaene Spearman as they await orders to charge into battle against a small Sostaeron force. Two young spearmen begin to feel the butterflies in their stomach as their commanding officers begin to give out the final orders and plan for the attack.The two cousins turn to each other and say a few words to the other....

Vradimirr: Cousin this could be it one of us may not be going home, please tell my parents if I die that I love them and will take their memory with me to the after life.... Seranthus: Do not speak of such things cousin, we have prepared all our lives for this day. My father your uncle has been training us to fight side by side for the last sixteen years. Today cousin is our time to show that our strength and skill will be the difference.

The two cousins lock eyes and as the call of CHARGE is sounded the two warriors run down the hill immediatly impaling the first two Sostaerons they encounter, and begin wade through a sea of blood and weapons as they march to their first real victory in battle. Many more battle come and the two warriors skill begins to blossom. Soon however the two lads begin two drift in seperate directions. Vradimiir runs off to Iridine for adventure and wealth as the younger Seranthus is being primed to be the next Commanding officer for his Corp. Seranthus continues to flourish as a soldier, but he grows tired of all the petty fighting. One moment he has to lead his men into battle and the next they are laying about wondering why they are fighting with the sostaerons at all. As the days pass by he begins to long for something diffrent. Then one day word comes that His cousin Vrad had been arrested for treason within the city of Iridine. His heart grows heavy and he quits the army. He decides to return home and help his father out who is a local peace keeper. Upon returning home however he finds that his home has been destroyed and his family murdered at the hands of a Bandit group whom his father had enraged. It seems the bandits saw no room for law. Scarred with pain and loss his blood boils to the point of unsurpressable rage. He tracks down each member of the group and murders each one of them leaving their heads pig poled to a spear as a reminder that it was he who did it. Soon the new magistrate corrupted by the Bandit King's money finds out who is to blame he issues the warrant for Seranthus's arrest. Seranthus makes a choice to leave his home and travel to Iridine for some new adventures and hopefully some peace of mind. Upon reaching the Fine city of Iridine he finds out his cousin had commited suicide why he was in Jail. Seranthus reaching the city barley clothed and fed begins to train and make his own wealth vowing to undo the wrongs of his cousin and vowing to be true only to himself.

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