Seppoko Tirantius

Born in Cinera. Seppoko Tirantius was born to a Cineran mother and a father unknown to him. Captured at the young age of six by a slave caravan he was later sold to a mercenary school of Altene where he acquired the knowledge of staves and basic combat with the gladius. While at the school he was prized in academics and athletics but lacked in weapon skills. Being sent off to kill a rich family was the first real test the school would put him through and it would also be the last. Having nay the heart nor the will to kill an aging merchant and a young child he decided to flee to Iridine, as failure meant death, with what he had with him and a few plundered items. Ending up at the Stone Toga Inn, Seppoko learned quickly that not everything was going to be given to him and decided to do what he had been taught to do...fight. Later he was reunited with some of his family (his brother Swyde and his mother Charmane) and has become heir to the Tirantius estate. His mother later dying and his brother returning to watch over the estate, Seppoko was left in Iridine with but a cousin. Later he was enducted into the Sanchez family by the head of the household Taliseman. With the friends he's made, the family he's found and the bag of lemons he keeps for a rainy day, his life has turned out better then he or anyone else could have imagined.

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