Sansia Montoya

Sansia grew up in the Safelands. Not even she knows where she was born. Her earliest memories are of her friends, at the age of 4. By that time she had become accustome to living on her own. Living from the land around her, and wandering from town to town, doing everything she could to help others, in return they talked to her, not helped her or gave her any thing, for she didn't require that, all they needed to do to get her to help them was talk to her. You see living her life in the forests, and grasslands, was not the most mentally stimulating way to live. She needed to be with people. She soon found a town with enough people to peek her interests. It was the town of Taseth. The people there were nice, and constantly offered to let her live with them, she always refused though, even in the winter. It was there that she met Josephel (bear as they termed him), Meegan (bunny), Domina (weasel), Rath (white wolf), Heatheren (Pony), Nif (Badger) and Twigg (Eagle), they had called her pheonix, due to her firey hair. After not leaving the town for over a year, a group of bandits attacked the small town, slaughtering most of the women and children. Sansia stayed hidden in the trees. Once the men of the village managed to send the bandits running, she climbed down and helped the Ravanite priest (the only priest in the town still alive) to tend to the wounded. All of her friends had been killed in the battle except the Twigg, he was badly wounded however.By helping the young priest she realized that you could never pass judgment on any one. Also that every one has the right to live. She greaved at the loss of her first true friends. After the wounded were taken care of, she went in search of a preist, or priestess of Ereal. Very quickly she found Loisen, a young priestess of Ereal. Upon returning with the young priesess she helped to rebuild the temple of Ereal that had been disturbed in the battle months earlier. Once the powers of the gods were balanced again in the small town she found she could no longer stay there, the loss of her friends hurt her too much. So she set off to find a new home. She heard of Iridine as a bustling center of commerce, decided there had to be enough people there for her to talk with, and set off to see this famed city. Upon reaching the Vetallun cross roads she began to feel uneasy. On Vetallun road she was attacked, not by bandits, but by the spirits of her lost friends. The Bear, Bunny, Weasel, Wolf, Pony, and Badger attacked her senses, in essence raping her will, and spirit. She awoke nearly dead, her long red hair, now white as ice. How long she had layed there she could not say. She looked up and saw an old man, who told her she was in Iridine, she asked the old fellow's name, and he replied "Phaedro".

Now, struggling with her past, and the spirits of those she could not save, she lives in Iridine. The spirits have managed to kill her once since she arrived in Iridine, leaving her, where they had the time before, at the feet of the old man. She has seen friends fall, and has died her self, and wishes that on no one else. As a means to such an end she has put most of her effort into the Angels of the Light, a group, collegia, or guild as it has been termed of healers. All this in hopes that others won't die due to her lack of skill, or courage, as her friends once did...

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