"Why do you have to be like that!? Why can't you be normal like the rest of the kids around here? What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"Just because I choose not to live a normal life like everyone else in this depressing town means nothing! I chose what I wanted to do with my life, and that hurts you because all the other kids' parents chose their life for them! What is so wrong with me making my own decisions!?"

"Don't you ever talk back to me like that, or I'll give you an ass whooping like last time! Do you understand me boy!?"

"Yes Sir!"

His father left him sitting in his room by himself. The boy mumbled under his breath that someday, he will be stronger than his old man, and will be able to make his own choices. His parents had wanted him to become a priest of Ereal, like the rest of the kids in his town. He chose to live by the sword instead. He looked out the window, and tears began filling in his eyes. He cried himself to sleep that night, as he had done so many nights before.

Many nights pass, and the boy keeps having the same occuring nightmare. In it, his father stumbled into his room and with the sour smell of posca and the anger in his eyes, came to the side of his son's bed. He raised his fists high into the air for another beating. Only this time, the anger turned into astonishment as his son reached under his pillow and swung his sword with all the might he could muster, and took off his father's left hand. The blood dripped off the sword as the boy screamed that it will never happen again, and decapitated his father.

The boy spent the next few weeks, getting stronger, and better skilled with the sword he chose to live by. He had no friends, and no one in the village would talk to him. This did not matter to him, for he had plans. He went in for the night, and that's when it happened.

He awoke, and looked under his pillow. There lay his sword. He had just had the same dream he's been having for weeks now. He began to pack his belongings, for he intended on not letting anything happen to him or his family. Just then, his father burst through the door, smelling of posca, and looking like a crazed man. The boy turned and looked, and swung his sword and conected with the sickening sound of metal slicing through flesh. He screamed at his father, and with a backhanded movement, decapitated his father.

Sitting there bewildered, as his father's blood dripped from his sword, he finished his packing and clambered out of his house into the dark.

He walked for days, stopping to get what little nourishment he could from the small prey he found along the river banks. He finally collapsed next to a boulder in the middle of the road. He awoke to the sound of a small caravan arriving. They stopped next to him, and asked him if he would join them. They came close to a city, and he was with his new family, and no one knew of his past, and no one would ever know till he decided to tell it.

Dropping him off at an Inn, they spoke, thinking he could not hear them.

"He is kind hearted and sweet, he helped us in our times of need, and we should help him until he finds a job or something. You saw him when we found him, covered in blood, holding a rusted sword, and wearing clothes that would fit a newborn."

"He has many things from his past that he can not let go. He looks as if he's possessed by something. He acts weird when anyone tries to get close to him. That is not good for a boy his age."

"So we leave him here...alone?"

"Yes, he seems as if he's been alone for some time. I'm sure he'll be fine...we must keep moving on...we cannot stop for one person who has a hard past. Many people do, and they keep living on."

The boy heard this and spoke to his new family.

"You two have been like parents to me, and for that I will never forget you. But you are speaking the truth, I have kept many things hidden, and do not wish to tell many about them, for it haunts me everyday. Thank you for the help, and I wish you a healthy and safe journey. It is time for me to relinquish my past, and conquer all my fears. Thank you both of you...and good day."

With that, the boy left his new family and headed into a new life. The one thing that will get him, will be when his past comes to haunt him every time he closes his eyes.

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