Robus Silli Citizen of Iridine 20 years old 5? 5? in height 125 lbs. olive complexion steel eyes grey hair

Locksmith/Treasure Hunter/Guide


Robus was an orphan brought up in the alleys and back streets of Iridine learning the art of survival from ducking the thugs and brutes that lived in them. The rumor was that he had been found near the docks after a plague had struck the city, in a wicker basket stuffed under a pier. Some say, his mother was kidnapped and taken aboard the death ship that was responsible for the plague. Nobody knew for sure, it was just a tale that was told to him as a child. He had been taken in and reared by a childless couple that lived near the Harbor of the Moons. His foster mother, a seamstress, worked long hours for the wealthy Patricians. They demanded long grueling hours with very little pay and that is what she gave them. A gentle woman by nature, she was overworked, with little time to care for a small boy but she spent every minute she wasn?t working trying to make a home for them. Working as a dock worker, his foster father, was on call when ever a ship docked. When he wasn?t working he was a regular at the local, run down tavern, near the docks. There he would stay til drunk and then go to their run down shack and sleep, snoring and belching til the next ship sailed in. He only tolerated the boy because his wife wanted a child and family of her own. He wasn?t able to give her that since an accident on the docks years ago that had taken his manhood forever. He had never told her about that incident and drank to ease the guilt. Being surrounded by thieves and prostitutes was everyday existense for the small boy as he watched the world he knew unfurl before him. It wasn?t nice. As a small boy he learned he could pick up and sell the pouches, thrown away by theives. They would rob any one that was fool enough to intrude into their territory. He would hoard them away, in piles, till he had enough to risk the dangerous trip to the Leather Shop to sell them. These were his mentors in the dark nights of Iridine. As young man, he would venture into the infested sewers, filled with the excretement and garbage of the citizens of the city. There he would kill the rats and osecars that lived there for their pelts. Many times he came close to death. Wounds so serious that he had to be hospitalized. He spent so much time there he picked up the Way of the Needle himself. Slowly, he learned to take care of himself. As soon as he was able, he started to apprentice as a Locksmith to earn extra denar opening coffers and chests for Mercenaries and Warriors coming home from battling Cinneran Soldiers and Bandits along Vetullan Road. Impatient to see their booty, they would let him open the chests as they drank their mead and ale. Sometimes he wasn?t paid for his efforts as his patrons had passed out in the tavern or wandered into the streets to fall asleep at a local inn, drunk. At times, they would get themselves robbed or slain before he could get paid. A curious breed at best, the fighters, untold reasons lurked why a man or woman took to violence trying to silence their own demons. Some took it in stride, some did not. He was given a cheap, but usable gladius by an Altene mercenary one night in a drunken rage, shouting that he would never learn such a weapon, screaming loyalty to the Altene ways and his blood brothers. He threw it in the floor at the young mans feet saying, ?Here boy, take this cursed thing from my sight! Sell it for the tin it contains! it means nothing to me!? Under his breath he said, ?Open these chests for me, young warrior, and we will shall call it even.? He winked. Of course that was not what Robus did with the cheap, tin gladius. He kept it and started training. He was not very good with the weapon at first but he trained and trained. He slowly made progress. He dreamed about what the future might possibly hold for him. He wanted to travel and see the world looking for unknown treasures that may be found. He had heard of many tales of mystery and magic in the land. Heretics and secret societys, Guilds of all kinds. He knew an opportunity would come along that would secure his fame and fortune in the land and he waited, looking forward to those days to come, as the saga begins.......

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