On a dark winter night, Toulan was busy at work. Toulan owned a prospering bar in Windward. Suddenly, a scream came from his house, above the bar. Tossing his apron to a serving maid, Toulan sped upstairs to soothe his shrieking, pregnant wife. He entered their bedroom and found her lying on her back, breathing heavily. He asked if she was okay and she screamed for a doctor. Toulan ran back downstairs and had someone fetch the doctor. In minutes, the doctor came and told Toulan that the baby would come in a few hours. Toulan had nothing to do, so he took a walk around the small city where he lived.

Hours later, Toulan went back into the bar and saw the doctor's grim face. The doctor had delivered Toulan a son, but his wife died during the birth. Toulan was devestated. He didn't much care for children, and because this one took his wife while being born, he despised the boy. With a sigh, Toulan says 'I will name him Ronnie. For some reason, I cant think of any other name.' With a glance at young Ronnie, Toulan harrumphed and marched off to bed.

Years past, and Ronnie grew. He became known around his father's bar and he was well-like because he could really handle his ale well. His father still hated him, but Ronnie didn't care because he could make his own living. He didn't need his father supporting him. Ronnie began to wander the city more and more. When he was 12, he moved out completely into a small shack on the edge of the city. Ronnie spent his time thieving and looking for whores to wrestle with. Once or twice a year he would check in on his father at the bar, just to see how things were going. When the boy was 14, he came across an old traveler that carried 4 spears with him. The traveler, Puyem by name, took a liking to Ronnie because Ronnie had an easy-to-come grin, and he seemed like a nice, if fat, young fellow. Puyem took Ronnie under his wing and said that he could travel with him, if he wanted. Ronnie was in hysterics. He was so pleased that he was finally doing something with his life that he said 'yes' before he even thought it through. Ronnie bid farewell to his father and all of this friends, and set off with Puyem.

While traveling, Ronnie asked Puyem where they were going. Puyem told him that they were bound for the city of Iridine. Ronnie just nodded and kept silent. 6 days out of Windward, Ronnie cautiously asked, ' will you teach me a little something of how to use those spears you always carry?' Puyem chuckled dryly and said, 'sure.' He handed Ronnie a spear and began showing him a few basics.

Nearing Iridine, Ronnie and Puyem were attacked by a horde of brigands. Ronnie watched with fascination as Puyem disposed of 4 brigands. The other 5 were circling warily around Puyem. Puyem yelled, 'Git down 'ere boy! I needa bit a 'elp!' Ronnie leaped off of his horse and awkwardly wielded his spear. He saw that Puyem was bleeding badly. They managed to fend off the rest of the brigands, but Puyem quickly fell unconscious afterwards. Ronnie dragged him to a copse of trees and attempted to dress Puyem's wounds. Ronnie could have been successful, if he were not drunk off his arse at the time. Puyem got a terrible fever and died the next day.

Ronnie continued onto Iridine. Stumbling to a halt at the bridge of kings, he stared wide-eyed at the city. He found a shack to live in and he worked on his spear skills, day and night. After a few years, Ronnie wasn't afraid to venture out of the city walls. He was rapidly learning the spear and was confident that he could defend himself. He had plenty of friends that would guard his back or help him when he was injured. Ronnie was well-known because he had bought gobs of jewelry that he sold at a nice price. He made quite a bit of money off of his jewelry. People were soon asking if he was selling anything everyday. People always knew that he had a few pieces for sale in his beloved crate.

He had been in Iridine for 5 years when a bad twist of fate hit him.

Ronnie was venturing in Monlon and found a place called, 'the mines.' Chuckling to himself, he said, 'Lets see waht dis place 'as gat!' Climbing down the ladder, Ronnie discovered that there were lots of fun and challenging things to hunt. Snakes, spiders, serpents, he liked them all! The mines became his favorite hunting area and he went there everyday. When hunting on the bottom level of the mines one day, a serpent and a spider attacked him at the same time. After hurting both, he decided that he was losing the fight and tried to retreat. The serpent struck one last gaping wound on poor ol' fat Ronnie's shoulder before he got out of there. He walked about two paces, and collapsed. The serpent soon found him and ALMOST finished him off. Luckily enough, a nice man that was also down there found him and took him to the healer named Fiona. Ronnie's friend, Groston, was holding Ronnie's stuff until he was back in good health. When he was okay, he took back his stuff from Groston and bid him farewell. A few days passed when, all of a sudden, Ereal's voice boomed into Ronnie's fat head. The voice accused, 'You stole all of your belonging that you wear!' Ronnie tried to deny it, tried to tell the voice that a friend had merely been holding his stuff for him, but the vile, nasty voice of Ereal wouldn't listen. Ronnie shrieked as all of his stuff disappeared into thin air and left him naked standing on the road. All of his jewelry, all of his belongings, gone! He called that voice a few nasty names, and decided on something that would change his life. In nothing but his naked flesh, he met a friend and told him of the situation. The friend, I won't name names, thought that the voice was wrong too. The friend also thought that Ereal, if the nasty voice could be called that, was being unfair. With a wave goodbye to his good friend, Ronnie decided to leave Iridine for good. The once great city was now horrible to him. So many thieves, and bad things like the voice, he couldn't take it anymore. He walked out of the city walls sadly. The last thing he told his friend before he went was, 'I'll be back someday. I'll come visit ya again.' And he waved goodbye and hasn't been seen since.

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