Ronmower Ferrell

Hello. My name is Ronmower Ferrell. My dad's name was Doug Ferrell.

When I was six years old, my dad and I went on a hunting trip for bandits. I had my tin dagger and he had his alanti gladius. My dad liked to boast a lot on how skilled he was with his gladius. He was farely skilled, but not really skilled. I was with him when he fell victim to six Cinerans. As soon as he died, I took his corpse and barely managed to flee from the soldiers with my life. Ever since than I made a solemn vow to avenge my father's death. Killing cinerans will be my life as soon as I learn my knives. I have never forgotten that day and I never forgot the time after the funeral when my mother said "I can stop this madness right now!" and then stabbed herself in the heard with my dagger. I felt shamed. that was 9 years ago. I will avenge his death. That is pretty much my life.

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