Roni Krutoi

My life began in a safe, middle class neighborhood in northwestern corner of Gadaene's capital. I was an average kid, in academic pursuits and physical ability. My father was an owner of 3 fishing boats and he often let the fishermen take me with them. After I saw the huge neverending sea I wanted to become a sailor especially after I heard about the magical lands beyound the horizon from our maid. However my father didn't want me to leave home too much and wanted me to take over his business which after some years I agreed to. When I was 12 my father took me to a knife master who tought me the basics of using a knife. Twice a week I would go into his backyard and practice with the training dummy. When I was 16 I got into a fight with a young man of about my age who stole a couple of denars I saved by helping my dad carry fish to stores. Me and my knife against him and his club I came out the winner. However his gang asked me to join them. Using my wits and my quick knife hand I rose to the top. As I and my friends matured our gang progressed from random beatings and petty theft to more serious crimes like fraud, and I got caught shortly. I got lucky becuase it was right before the festival of the godess of Love which meant I would be given a choice of getting out of the county or serving my sentence. I chose the former because I didn't have many ties to Gadaene and by staying I would only bring more shame to my family. I snuck on a big merchant ship and stayed there until it came to a harbor. I got out and found myself in Moon Harbor. It was the main port of the growing Iridine Republic that I heard about before. Delighted by this outcome of events I began exploring the city carrying only the few posssesions I brought with me. I had a lot of spare time and decided to improve my knife skills by hunting for rats and osecars in the sewers of Iridine. I made a few denars by looking for tiny blue flowers that grow in abundance outside Iridine city and selling them to the herbalist. A few weeks ago I had a near death experience. Being too overconfident of my abilities I took on an osecar and a rat and got beaten. Instead of running in search of a healer I stayed and retreated only when bleeding from 3 places and scratched in many more. Outside I lost my consciousness and only through the kindness of a nearby healer was I saved. Unlike many people I am not searching revenge, just friends. I am poor but have enough to feed myself. I have abandoned my criminal habbits and want to find a permanent job.

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