Rodrigo Justinias

On a night many years ago, in the far-off land of Altene, a baby boy was born to proud parents. His father was an accountant in one of Altene's larger cities and his mother, Tuchean by birth, was descended from a great explorer. And as the sun rose that day, the baby boy was given his name: Rodrigo or 'Spirit of the Great Justice' in Altenian tongue.

As the years passed, so the boy grew. He was a young boy who had been blessed with a family that could afford to send him to school, and so he attended regularly. A quiet young man, he spent a lot of time doing work and was praised by his teachers, but his friends knew him for being a likeable playful lad who always had good ideas. When he wasn't learning figures, verbs, or adjectives, he was playing with his friends out in the fields. As time passed, he became a tall figure and was called 'handsome' by many of the local girls. This didn't affect his personality one bit, and he remained a quiet boy.

The family stayed calm and quiet. War and battle were faraway topics and no one bothered to bring them up. Alexius Justinias was an accountant and did not bother himself with these matters. Not even tales of military raids against faraway settlements plagued him. All he was concerned with was keeping his family fed and clothed. Rodrigo, insulated by this lifestyle began to work for his father's accounting firm, adding up sums. As many of his friends left, several to join the military, Rodrigo stayed behind. Finally at the age of sixteen, the family decided to move to Iridine in order to have a better life.

After the move, the family got a quiet apartment in Iridine and Rodrigo's father formed a new accounting business. But Alexius was aware of the dangers that this new city presented to his family. So he got a trainer for his son, who trained Rodrigo in the art of staves as well as the art of axes. So Rodrigo, who now trades in weaponry and many other things is ready to face the coming destiny that is coming.

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