Riplius Towner

Riplius Towner was born in the city of Harmony in the Republic of Iridine. His father was a raging drunk who spent more time in the jail cell at home and his mother was a prostitute who was almost always out working the streets. Riplius was almost always home alone and without the guidance of loving parents. He, like many other children in the town had to take up a life of crime to make enough money to keep himself fed. One night after stealing a loaf of bread from a bakery window Riplius was apprehended by the local authorities. Riplius was wanted for other crimes including two counts of major assault, one count of minor assault, one count of impersonation through forgery, three counts of larceny, and four counts of petty theft. For this he was sent off to the city of Iridine to await trial. For this the court at first ruled on sending him to the gallows but was over-ruled by the head of the court who let Riplius off with a sentence of 10 years of confinement and hard labor. When this was through Riplius was let out just in time to attend one of the bouts at the Colusseum in Iridine. There he watched in aw as the gladiators tore appart whoever crossed their path. Riplius had an extreame interest in the gladiators who wielded the whips. He watched them strangle their victims slowly and quietly as well as giving them horrendus wounds with their whips. By the end of the activity Riplius was detirmined to learn how to use the whip. Riplius first came upon his first problem, he didn't have enough money to buy a whip. Because of this Riplius earned the money for the whip the only way he knew how, he stole. Up in Vetallun where there were fewer people in the crowds Riplius snatched reaping hooks from the workers who were coming in from the fields. After one day he had enough money to buy a whip, his first traing lesson, some basic armor, and hunting supplies. Now that he had learn how to use a weapon Riplius quickly forgot all that he learned about theiveing. He was now able to live the normal life of a warrior.

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