Born in the small town of Monlon, Rinath grew up as a normal child. His parents both loved him greatly and would do anything for him. As Rinath grew up and became a teenager he began to argue with his parents, especially his dad. Always very much like his Father head smart and stubborn, they butted heads often. His father serving in the Legions prepared to go out on patrol to remove a few Cinerans from the Iridinian border. Rinath yelled at his father and told him he wished he would just die. His father did die that very night, as one of his patrolmen betrayed him to the Cinerans. Rinath was devastated the most and began to hate himself. He awoke one night and grabbed the spear his father had made for him and walked out the door.

He traveled for along time never really sure where he was going. He soon found himself in Cinera, and a nice man took him in. He made friends with a few of his neighbours and even fell in love with a very attractive girl his age. It was about this time the Second Iridinian-Cineran War was being planned. Cineran Soldiers began to hunt for any Iridinian born people to excute them. Rinath wasn't afraid because he really trusted his friends. He even had started to feel better about his father, when he heart once again was ripped from his chest. His girlfriend and future wife betrayed him to a young Cineran Commander. Rinath managed to evade the Cinerans and once again was wandering alone with only his spear.

He soon arrived near some high mountains and decided to go over them just in case he was being followed by anyone. He made it to the top and found the cold mountain air to great for him to withstand and collapsed. He was awakened by the sound of hungrey wolves preparing to make a snack out of him. He grabbed his spear and killed over 10 of them, and skinned all of them. Eating their meat and making a coat from their skins, and he made it down the mountain. But at the bottom of the hill he meet a group of Blackroot Barbarians who gladly took advantage of his weakened state. He suffered a broken leg,a broken arm, and 3 broken ribs. He feared his pathetic life was over.

He somehow managed to get to his feet and walk away from where he was left for died. He soon found himself in a forest, were once again alone, managed to survive. He would look up at the sky during the day and curse the sun and at night curse the moon. He felt ever god ever believed in had turned their backs on him. After recovering for 2 months, he had enough strength to march on. He meet a Parcinian War Party and was chased to a very fast moving river. He decided his chance were better with the river then the clubs they carried he jumped in. He began to struggle and found no oxygen to enter his lungs. He blacked out once again, but this he even shocked himself. Instead of cursing everything around him, his only words were,"EREAL SAVE ME!"

He felt himself pulled up on dry land and when he opened his eyes he was laying in a remote temple to Ereal. He found himself to be in Blackroot, the home of the famous barbarian hordes. He discovered this temple was dedicated to civilizing them, and that some were even becoming better men then the people of Monlon's upper class. He was able to once again regain his strength and his skill with the spear was harnessed to perfection. Waving goodbye to his first true friends of the Priest and Barbarians he set out for home. He made the long journay without trouble, and was safely back in Vetullan. He made sure to directly avoid his former home, because his mother had died during his long trek. He now seeks the girl he once called "lover" and the young Cineran Captain. Having learned the military tactics of the Cinerans, the strength of the Barbarians, and the wisdom of the Priest of Ereal, he readies himself for any challenge. He plans to follow his father's footsteps and become a Hero for Iridine and is always ready to attack any Cineran Patrol hoping against hope to meet his enemy for that one final combat were he proves he is the best warrior of the Trijan Community.

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