Retalq Blade

Retalq was born in Altene and was the son of Setharic and Lorna Blade. His father was a blacksmith and worked with many metals. Setharic decided to name his son after the metal retalq.
Over the years, Retalq began an interest with the gladius. His father taught him how to use the gladius effectively. Although Setharic wasn't the best of swordsmen, he knew how to swing it very well. His father continued training him over the course of Retalq's childhood, only allowing him to hunt in the easier areas, not wanting Retalq to get hurt. Anyways, when Retalq became around the age of 14, his father started showing him to the more difficult places to train. One of which, was a forest filled with bandits. Hunting the forest became Retalq's most favorite thing to do. Killing bandits left and right, and collecting money from the loot.
After a few months, bandits started to become enraged, hearing about the young man who would come and kill bandits that were in the forest. So, they came up with a plan to ambush him once he was in the forest. They would make sure that he was all alone, so they would be able to take him easier.
The next day, their plan was to be set in action. Retalq walked calmy to the forest as usual, and began towards his favorite spot to wait for bandits. He sat down and had his gladius in-hand, ready for when a bandit or two might show up. The bandits watched closely as they all prepared to ambush him. Then, in a sudden moment, they all rushed towards him. He stood quickly and clenched his gladius tighter. He slashed towards a bandit, but he dodged, and Retalq was left open for another to sweep his feet out from under him. He quickly fell to the ground. Before he could get up, he was quickly bound with ropes. "I'll get you for this!" Retalq yelled.
"Oh yeah? Well, it seems as if you're in no position to be saying anything right now." remarked one of the bandits. "I'll kill you, I swear it. Even if I have to rise from the dead to do so. You'll die by my hands," and with that, Retalq spit in the bandit's face.
After wiping his face from the spit, the bandit drew his spear and wielded it in his hands. "Remove his armor!" exclaimed the bandit. The other bandits, quickly removed the armor from Retalq. "This is what you get for spitting in my face. This if for killing my friends!" The bandit quickly slashed diagonally across Retalq's chest. The bandit then started to beat Retalq with his spear, bruising his body and vutting him all over. Retalq was dropped, and laid there, not breathing. "Take his body and throw it in the river." The bandits took up his body and threw it into the river, it began to flow along the river, westward. The body of Retalq washed up on the shores near a place called, Vetallun. A fisherman saw him and quickly rushed him to a woman named, Fiona. "He's nearly dead, I don't know if I can save him or not. These wounds are pretty bad." Fiona said. "'ell, I found him on the riverbank, and thought you might be able to save the young feller," the fisherman said. Fiona began working on the wounds, working very hard to stitch them up and bandage them. The wounds were also dirty and needed to be cleaned as well. She worked long to make sure the bleeding had stopped. The young man was unconscious, so she couldn't ask him how it happened. After she finished bandaging him, she had some people help to get him into a cot in the next room.
Retalq laid there, unconscious for the next few weeks. His wounds healing, but a scar was left on his chest from where the bandit slashed him. He awoke and looked around, wondering where he was. He tried to stand, but was still a bit wounded from the ambush. "Anyone here?" he yelled out.
Fiona walked in through the door and said, "You're finally awake! That's good to hear. You were almost a goner. If that fisherman hadn't found you, you'd be gone for sure. I'm Fiona, the person that healed you." "Then I owe you my life. I thank you for saving me. If there's anything I can do to repay you, then let me know." Retalq replied. "Well, don't get so hurt next time. Anyways, what happened to you?" Fiona asked him. "Bandits attacked me. They ambushed me and I soon fell unconscious and ended up here. Where am I by the way?" Retalq looked around, not knowing.
"In the city of Vetallun, it's in the Republic of Iridine." Fiona answered him.
"Republic? I'm really far from home, then. I'm from Altene. I think I need to rest up and see if I can find a way back home. My parents must be worried, and probably think I'm dead." Retalq said as he was very worried.
"Well, then rest up. I'll see about getting someone to take you into the city of Iridine. Someone there may be able to help you." Fiona smiled to Retalq.
"Thank you. It means a lot to me." Retalq finished, and with that he lay back down and began to sleep once more. He rested up over the course of the next few days.
Finally regaining some strength, he began to stand and walk around town. He visited everyone in town and got to know them. Retalq returned to Fiona and she said that a young man by the name of Soulforge would gladly take him into town. "Soulforge? Soulforge Blade?" Retalq asked very anxiously.
Fiona nodded, "Yes, I believe that is his name."
Retalq smiled in delightment, "That's my brother! He'll surely be able to help me get back home. Where is he?" "I believe he is at the Dark Horse right now." Fiona answered Retalq.
Retalq rushed out the door and to the Dark Horse. He quickly went in the door, and saw his brother, "Soulforge!" He quickly rushed and gave his brother a big hug.
"Retalq? How did you get here?" Soulforge hugged him back.
"Bandits attacked me and threw me in the river, thought I was dead." He replied.
"Wretched bandits! I'll get them for this when I return to Altene." Soulforge grumbled.
"May I go with you when you return? I'd really like to go back home." Retalq asked his brother.
"Sure, but I'm not going for a couple months. I don't have all the supplies I need to make the trip. So, I'll take you to Iridine, and you can start a life there. And once we have everything we need, we'll head back and take care of those bandits." Soulforge smiled to Retalq.
"Sure thing. Sounds good to me. I'd like to see Iridine anyways." Retalq smiled. After that, they started towards the city of Iridine. Arriving at the Stone Toga Inn, Soulforge directed his brother towards an old fellow named, Phaedro. "This man here can help you a bit. He'll help you to know what some things are and explain others to you. I have to take my leave for now, but I will see you later." Soulforge said to his brother.
Retalq nodded and gave his brother a hug. He then sat down and started to talk with Phaedro. He began to learn what he could of the city and how it was. After learning what he could, he laid down in the gardens near Phaedro, and rested, for tomorrow would be the day he'd venture out and explore this new place.

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