One day, as Razlin was working on his farm, he saw something that glittered from the suns rays. He walked towards it and saw that it was a sword. When he reached the sword, he heard screaming and yelling coming from behind him. He turned and looked, from his house ran three hoods and two bandits. One of the hoods, threw a torch on his house, and instantly it went up in flames. The hood pointed to Razlin, as if to say "You're Next!"

Razlin could do nothing, as he was young, and only knew how to take care of the animals and such on the farm. The hood grinned and turn from Razlin and left with the group. Razlin fell, for his legs were getting weak, and heard screaming from inside the house. Razlin just watched as his whole life burned in front of him. The flames had become lower, and everything was turning to ash, when his brother walked in from his visit to the forest. His brother ran to his brother, and asked him what had happened. Razlin could only mutter, for he disgraced his family by doing nothing. His brother slapped him until Razlin came back into the real world. Razlin told his brother, Ramuh, that three hoods and two bandits burned their house, and fled like cowards, and now he was the coward for doing nothing.

"Get off your arse, and learn to use a weapon. Armed combat will work for only a little while little brother!" exclaimed Ramuh.

Ramuh grunted, and then left, saying he was going to hunt down these vile beings. Razlin had stayed there, and now turned back to the sword he had seen. He removed some of the brush from around it, and had picked it up. He noticed some weird writing on it, and he could not make it out. He turned to his house again, and devoted to seek justice for his family, and himself. He devoted every day to learning how to use the sword. He trained all hours, and became pretty good. He decided it was time to learn what the lettering meant.

He walked to a weapons dealer, and showed the man the sword. The man smiled, and told him it used to belong to a warrior in a far off land. He had also told Razlin that this sword is very old, and worth quite a bit. Razlin nodded and walked out. He returned to his new home, a small lean-to a friend had made, and sat down staring at the sword.

His friend arrived, looking like a ghost, and told Razlin some upsetting news. His brother, Ramuh, had met his death in a far off city. Razlin shed his tears, and cursed at the sky. His friend told him, it was by the same group that had burned his house. Razlin set out to this city.

Razlin came near the city, with sword in hand, when he was jumped by three hoods. They beat him and nearly killed him, and had took his sword. Lying there, bloody and barely breathing, Razlin could only let the hatred build up. Razlin slipped from this world, into the blackness of unconciousness.

Razlin awoke in a garden, near a strange old man. The man told him of this city, and how to live. Razlin smirked and headed into a city full of thieves, warriors, and con-artists. Razlin decided it was best to get a weapon, and then hunt down the hoods and bandits. So he headed out, into his new adventure...

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