On the night of the 14th of Aera, in the 198th year of the Republic, a baby girl was born in Devaen, one of the Seven Cities of Safelands. Her name was Rajean de Leon, a big baby, one that smiled often, and laughed even more. Her earliest childhood was full of good memories, as her older brother was taught how to herd goats, and how she was taught to care for thier ailments. Her mother and father seemed happy, but they didn't let thier children see thier unhappiness until later. When Rajean was six, she came home one day, from a trip to the meadows with her her best friend, to find her father had left, with her brother. She found her mother weeping, and she asked why. Her mother then told her what her father was really like. How he would rather drink ale and womanize then love her or his children. I did not understand, he had taken her brother, her hero in alot of ways, but had left her. She later realized, it was to hurt her mother more than anything, and the fact he felt that the boy should be raised by a real man. Later that year, her mother got sick, lost her hearing and her speaking. To punish Rajean, she would rake her nails down her slate, of course Rajean quickly got over that one. Town spoke as if her mother was faking it, just to get sympothy, and a sick kind of thrill out of the fact people cared for her only because she was disabled. When she was 19, she left home, she was sick of doctoring goats, now for other people, seeing she and her mother lost everything, when her father left. She left her disabled mother, to be cared for her by her aunts, and came to the Iridine, where she was going to help those in real need. She soon realized that a healers job was one of hardship, and disipline. Not long after arriving, she picked up a spear, and from that day on, her spear was more important than her needle. Her heart grew cold, and her sensiblitles she once had seemed to have vanished. One finacee died, and one failed relationship later, she met a man. One that forever changed the way she saw things. He loved her unconditionally. Through all her of anger, and all of her over aggressive bahavior, he held on to her. She, Rajean, to this day, is still crazy as a bat. But her crazyness is focussed. Focussed on her new life with her husband, and her child. It vears on occasion, but for the most part it stays the same. As good luck, and and a good life surrounds her, she will tell you on a good day, Ereal has blessed her, far more than she deserves.

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