Pompeii Gnaeus

Pompeii Gnaeus has lived in Iridine for all thirty-six years of his life. He became a member of the Constables at the age of eighteen. He enforced and upheld the law for another eighteen years, during that period being promoted to the rank of Captain and later being appointed to supervise the training of new recruits. Pompeii was involved in a number of infamous investigations including the recent cases concerning Maran, M'kerron, Makar, Dytan, and Cerrus. Recent rumors of bribery and abuse of power, encouraged by a drinking problem and short temper, have tainted a once spotless career. In the 215th year of the People, Pompeii was suspended after a incident involving an elderly merchant woman. The details are known to only a handful of people, though many claim to know the full story, as to what followed.

The end result though was Pompeii Gnaeus' return to 'Citizen' status and the end of a once promising career. Pompeii was known for his ability to wield the quarterstave and was said to have begun training with knives and gladii. Within a few short months of his departure from the Constables, Pompeii was arrested, while drunk, for counts of treason, major assault, and kidnapping. Though the facts of the case are not widely publicized, Pompeii still claims he is innocent. While waiting to go before the Justice Hall, Gnaeus became irrational and paranoid. In the 215th year of the Republic, he attempted a flawed escape attempt. Unable to battle his way out, as he had intended, he soon found himself on the room of the headquarters, trapped and slowly being surrounded. Unwilling to return to his cell, Pompeii finally escaped the Constables he had once served by taking a head first dive into the training courtyard, some forty feet below.

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