"Orliy, put your father's gladius down." My mother yelled. I was always up to no good. I was only 5 when when I wanted to be a one-handed swordsman. I always wanted to carry my own gladius around for protection. Well, me dream did come true, but it got me into big trouble. I remember it like it was yesterday. Great, the sun is set. Mom and daddy should be asleep, I said to myself. I crept downstaris and got the key from under the rug. I tip-toed over to the cabnet and opened it with the key. There, my father's gladius sat on a pillow. I picked it up and weiled it. "Yes!" I whispered. I carried it outside and sat down on the front door step. The gladius sparkeled in the moonlight. Suddenly, I heared a laugh and a brute jumped right out at me! I screamed. Wait, I know how to use this, daddy does it all the time! I thought to myself. I swung the gladius at the brute, but I missed. I tried again, and this time I hit him right in the heart! Right there, he dropped dead. "My first victory!" I siad. My dad came running out from the door and found me with a dead brute. "Orliy, go to your room. Your grounded for 2 months. You could of been killed. he said. He grabbed the gladius from me. On my 12th birthday, I recived my own gladius. I guess I'm a born natural!

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