Novarious Econus

One day, just before his 18th birthday Novarious was out back training on a practice dummy with his fangstave, when he heard a loud noise from his house, he ran inside just intime to see a hooded man run out the front door, he did not give chase to the man wanting to find out what the noise was, he feared the worst, as he walked into the next room, their sitting in a chair, was his father about to breathe his last breath, he knelt down beside his father and asked him what happened, when he learned that a hooded man broke in, and stabbed his father several times before takeing a family heirloom from him (a gold amulet) he was enraged and vowed he would get the amulet back and make that hooded man pay with his life.

Time past, and Novarious searched, city after city, town after town, looking for all the information he could get, about a hood with the amulet, after 2 years, when Novarious was 20, all the information he had gotten had brought him to the city of Iridine, he was sure the hood was in this city, and decided to begin training while looking for the man. When Novarious felt he was ready to reap his revenge he began to narrow down his search until he came across the very hooded man who had killed his father and stolen the amulet, without hesitation Novarious attacked this man, and the man fearing for his life ran away into the woods, Novarious persued him until he came across the man and had him trapped, Novarious began attacking him, and the man fought back, in the end Novarious had the man beat and was ready to kill him, before he did, he reminded the man of the day he killed his father, without another word Novarious killed the man, took the amulet back, then took the hooded cloak off the man, only to find out it was one of his best friends from Altene, he realized he had been betrayed, and vowed to never trust anyone like he had before again.

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