Niktoo's Bio

Niktoo Radenmore

Niktoo was born In the city of Iridine, sometime nineteen years ago. No one really
knows when he was born, His mother a Prostitute and his father , well you get the
picture. His mother was around long enough to name him and see him out the door at the
ripe age of 10. Very young and very afraid, Niktoo found himself in a world that was not
suitable for most cutthroats, let alone a young boy. He came from the harbors and spent
most of his time scouring the coastal alleys looking for food, and clothing he could sell to
make a meager living. Many a time he found himself faced staring at some of the worlds
most vile beings. One day why sneaking out of his makeshift shack he came upon a small
group of brutes drinking and brutalizing a young maiden. His eyes were fixated in shock
and terror, he could not believe people could be like this. His little heart trembled as he
grabbed hold of a small wooden club that was laying on the ground, with all his courage
he rushed forward swinging his hardest at the first of the three Smelly men. He barley
budged him as he turned angrily swatting Niktoo with his hand. With that the young boy
went sprawling to the ground as the taste of blood soon found its way into his mouth. The
man smiled and walked over coolly to the boy, and preceded to beat him near death. As
Niktoo lay there bleeding his young eyes caught the glimpse of the maidens right before
she passed on to Ereal finally at some kind of rest. The men just chuckled and walked
away as if it was just another day.

Many hours passed till the young boy could pull himself together and even begin
to move. He steadied himself and began walking down the cold dark alley when a
shadowy figure appeared wearing a brightly colored mask. well hello there young one,
you look as if ye have had a bit of trouble. Yesss, s-s-sirr I was beaten by some men
and they ah...lets just say a lady is no more., Niktoo replied. where is your mother and
where is your father, what is such a young child doing here on the streets? well I dont
know where my Mother is, and I dont know who my Father even is sir. The man
sighed and pulled a coin from his pouch. The man showed the coin to niktoo and with
one quick handed movement the coin seemed to disappear. Remember boy nothing is
as it seems, and life has many turns. The question is which turn to make. Come with
me boy let me fix you up. With that the man hoisted Niktoo in the air and carried him
to a room by the docks and cleaned him up, patching his wound and telling him stories of
adventures he had while in the city. The whole time the mask was never removed. Soon
sleep overtook the young boy and he found himself sleeping away. The next morning
Niktoo awoke to an empty room and no sign of the mysterious figure.

Niktoo slowly made his way out of the room still kinda shooken up from the night
before. He slowly limped down the alleys he called home and made his way out to the
main road. As he came to an intersection a delicious smell penetrated his senses and he
immediately salivated with its aroma. He looked southwardly into a shady bar and saw, a
man cooking up some dolphin. He had it cut into steaks and was cooking away, not
minding any attention to those around. Niktoo suddenly forgot how bad he hurt as hunger
soon took over his instincts. He snuck in slowly only a few patrons where around and
they where oblivious to his as they chatted away, he got around the bar and made a
desperate grab for a steak and began to run. THWAP! the cook smacked him on his
bottom so hard he hit the floor hard. Boy, watch ya trying to do you need to pay for
that. the man bellowed. Niktoo slowly turns his battered face to view the man. Nah, sir
IM sorry but I have no money and I was hungry, havent eaten for days sir. So sorry. A
small tear streams along the boys face. Ah, lad what da hell happen to you? The man
introduced himself, his name was Marcellus and owned the place. Niktoo recalled his life
and his tale of last night to the barkeep. Marcellus fed him and a couple of the working
girls tended to his wounds. Marcellus chatted with the lad and ended taking a liking to
him. He ended up taking him in. He got a cot to sleep on and free food, all he had to do
was sweep, do dishes, and tidy up the bar a bit. Niktoo happily agreed and began to take
in his sights. He soon found an interest in the gladius and books, and would pick up on
anything a weary traveler would be willing to show him or teach him. As he matured his
observation skills grew more keen and things became more real to him. Before long the
working girls took a liking to him and taught him a few more tricks he could of only
learned in this atmosphere.

Then one day he embarked out on his own, told Marcellus he would stop into see
him and visit the girls. It was time for Niktoo to make his own destiny and learn more of
the world around. Niktoo found the world to be full of half hearted heroes and selfish
saints. He soon found himself helping others as much as he could giving them money and
listening to them helping anyway he could. Niktoo remembered what it was like to go
hungry and made sure to do his best that no one else did. He used his knowledge he had
picked up and tried to pass it along as best as he could. He never forgot the masked man
and what he said, and he never forgot that trick. Some day you may see him setting at the
toga sipping his wine and winking at all the young ladies, taking in the sights. Listen and
ye may even learn a thing or two.

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