I am told Altene is a nice place. I really don't understad why people say that, all I ever saw where pimps, gangsters, and bars. As for myself I lived most my life in the gutter outside of the tavern called "Tavern of the rising Sun" . During most of my early childhood I led a happy life, I think. At about the age of 14 my parents where killed by an escaped convict. I was forced under the supervesion of one of the connies named Diaz. Well I didn't have much luck there, one night he came to my room and robbed me of my virginity. This went on for about a week untill I was pushed beyond the edge of sanity. That night I took a fangstave and waited in my room with the fangstave under the covers, when Diaz came to me that night I waited untill he was right over me. Then I took my fangstave and knocked him off the bed. In my rage I beet him repeadly untill I broke the poorly crafted stave. At that point I took the nearby lantern and threw it at Diaz. Things went from bad to worse, as the allready overfilled lantern burst into flames. I ran from the house and watched as it burned down. I knew then that I would never lead a normal life. For the next 4 years I lived in front of the "Tavern of the Rising Sun" . It was a sleazy place were the only way to make any money was to force myself to do the most horrable work, I had to sleap with men just to get a sen. After a while I meet that horrable man.... He was a rowdy person who beat me when I even looked at another man. One day while he was drunk he told me about his past. He told me of a time 4 years ago when he killed a familly after he escaped the gallows. This man, Tef was the one who killed my family. It was at that time that I knew I had to leave the cursed country know as Altene. In the middle of the night I ran away hoping to find a way elsewhere. I only mandaged to leave the country by selling all my clothes and had to worker for a caravan by sleeping with whoever they chose. I probally would have died once I reached Iridine if I hadn't have met a kind fellow named Willace who helped my get clothes and start my start my weapon training. I only know one way to make money here and it seems to be the one thing people here hate. One day I hope to be able to live an honest life, but untill then I have only one thing to say "How much will you give me to sleep with you?"

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