Necros Mortan

When people ask me about my past, there is almost nothing I can tell them. And that's simply because I don't remember. How, you ask me? Lemme explain.

About 11 months ago, I woke up in a dark, muddy place. I was afraid, not knowing where I was, who I was or what I was doing there. I was naked, and a strong wind was blowing. I had scratches and wounds all over my body, and when I tried to stand up I felt an inhuman pain in my legs preventing me to do it. I yelled for help a couple of times, but nobody came. I kept on yelling, and after a while I passed out from exhaustion.

When I regained consciousness, it wasn't dark anymore, but I could only see vague forms around me. I saw blurry movement and I heard a voice talking to me, but it faded away with my sight as the darkness of unconsciousness overwhelmed me again.

Suddenly, there was a bright white light, and a figure appeared in it, whispering to me, 'You are not ment to be here yet, Necros Mortan.' Suddenly an image flashed trough my head: A boy playing with a wooden gladius on a river bank. The voiced continued, 'Return from whence you came' Another image appeared in my mind, the same boy with the gladius in his left hand, walking on a stone path in a forest. Then the figure whispered, 'Go back, and follow the path that will lead you to your past.' The boy showed up in my mind again. He sat against the well of a village that was burned down to ashes. He was crying. 'Return....' A man in a black hooded cloak with a plain tin mask before his face and wielding a dirk came out of the forest 'Please, go back' The boy noticed him, and grabbed a fangstave laying on the ground. 'You are not allowed yet, return before you can't return anymore' The boy looked shocked at the bleeding body of the hooded man, screamed and ran away. 'Go back now, this is your last chance!' Everything faded away and I heard another voice yelling: 'Wake up! Wake up!'

I opened my eyes. I was lying in a bed in a small room with 4 torches, on at each wall. A long-bearded man with a bald head was standing there. When he saw I was awake, he smiled and said: You were screaming for help, so I thought I'd take a look to see what was wrong.' 'Where am I?' I asked the man. 'You're in my house in the forest. My name is Lothariel. You have been unconscious for 3 weeks now. I found you lying in the forest, bleeding to death. Most of your wounds have healed now, there's only the one on your left hand palm.' I looked at my left hand and saw a wound in the shape of a star with a circle around it. Just when I wanted to ask the man if he knew what it was, I heard footsteps.The man told me to wait there and walked out of the room. I heard him talking to someone else, but I didn't know what they were saying. Then they started yelling and I heard the sound of metal on metal. As fast as I could, I stood up out of the bed and the man stumbled in trough the door, his tunic coloured red from the blood from his wound. 'Run!' he said. Another voice, coming from behind the door, yelled: 'Hand him over, Lothariel!' Lothariel pointed at a sack and said, "take that sack with you. Now run!" then he pointed at a window. I took the sack and jumped trough the window. The water of the river besides the house kinda broke my fall. I got out of the river and started to run besides it, into the forest. After a long time of running, I was exhausted and I also realised I was still naked. I looked in the sack and found some clothes that I put on. There were also a quarterstave, a knife and a few denars in the sack. Grabbing on to the stave, I wondered why they were looking for me? 'Hand him over, Lothariel!' that voice had yelled. And why had I been laying in a forest, bleeding to death? And why don't I remember anything about my past except my name? And what was the deal with the figure in the light and the images of the young boy? Well, I have been thinking alot about all this, but even today I still don't know. I travelled around alot, and asked people what was the best place to make a living. They all said Iridine, The Eternal City. So that's where I went, and that's where I am now, writing this. I hope I can find the answer to all the questions I have about my past someday, and if anyone knows anything about what happened to me, I beg him or her to tell me. I will pay for the information if necessary.

Well, I have been staying in Iridine for about 2 months now, and the fear that the ones who were looking for me will find me is slightly fading away. I'm starting to concentrate on other things, like getting better in the things I'm good at. I'm starting to think about hiring a room somewhere. Maybe I'll buy a Domus when I got the money. My future looks much brighter than it did when I was lying in the darkness, dying. Still, there are times I can't sleep cause I'm thinking of the mystery the biggest part of my life is. I will solve it one day, I'm sure of that. And when I've grown strong enough, and when I know who's after me, I'm going to teach them that I'm not someone to mess with.

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