Necephorus Livitus

Necephorus Livitus

Necephorus Livitus is the older brother of Commensus Livitus, who recently died under mysterious circumstances near the bandit forest. Necephorusí father and mother, Parradus and Adinna, were killed several years ago when their villa caught fire, also under mysterious circumstances.

Necephorus left the city a few weeks after the fire, believing he had lost his whole family and unaware that his younger brother had survived. After living several months in Windward, he learned from a travelling Iridian that his brother was alive and had been recruited by the Iridine Legio I. He immediately set out for Iridine, but arrived to find his brother already dead. Given the circumstances of his death, Necephorus has decided to tell only a few people that he was related to the deceased, Commensusís former lover Angl Dawnfyre and his friend Vindictus, until he is able to solve the mystery of his death.

In contrast to his insulated, bookish brother, Necephorusí youth was spent playing sports and learning the use of weapons. Much less of an intellectual than his brother, though certainly not ignorant, Necephorus preferred to spend his formative years either hunting critters or making torches in the forests north of the city. Despite his active youth, he was able to maintain good marks from his tutors and achieved some notice for his academic abilities, which pleased his father greatly, since he was destined for a life of politics as the eldest son of an Iridine senator.

All that vanished, of course, with the death of his parents. His father, who was the son of common citizens, had risen through the ranks of the legio, achieving his status purely on his military credentials and his reputation for fairness and honor. Thus Necephorus had no official title of nobility to inherit, and his familyís great wealth had vanished in the fire along with his parents. After being raised in a life of opulence and privilege, young Necephorus found himself destitute and powerless. The fickleness of the corrupt patrician class soon made itself known, as jealous rivals snubbed him and powerful acquaintances pretended not to know his name. Left with no other choice, and assuming his entire family died in the fire, Necephorus wiped the sand from his feet and left the city, believing he would never see it again ñ an idea he was quite content with.

He is currently living in the city again, finding quiet niches and occasional inn rooms in which to sleep while looking for clues to his brotherís death. In the meantime, he is hunting to earn a living and improving his skills. He has also taken an interest in Angl, his brotherís former lover, and believes she might have feelings for him as well, but has decided to take it slowly and wait to see what happens.

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