Natasha Cassadine

Natasha Cassadine was born to a powerful family in Remath.  Her father, Coban Cassadine is a Diplomat and one of Queen Alinissa Condaia's advisors.  Her mother, Maxima Cassadine is a well respected Herbalist who is well known for her prize winning roses. 

The Cassadine family has been established in Remath for several generations.  They have always been closely allied with the House of Condaia and have gained quite a bit of power in their own right. 

Natasha was raised almost like royalty but she never felt comfortable with her position.   There were always expectations from her parents that she would follow in her father's footsteps and serve the House Condaia.  Natasha, however, had no desire to follow in her father's footsteps.  Being an only child the pressure to conform to her parents expectations were too much for Natasha.

The breaking point came when she was nineteen and her parents decided to arrange a marriage for her to Lucius Solinar, a cousin to Queen Alinissa.  Natasha decided then and there to run off and leave her homeland so she could make her own way in the world.   She had no desire to marry someone she barely knew and she did not want to be a diplomat.

Natasha decided she wanted to go to the Republic of Iridine.  She always heard stories of Iridine and felt it was the kind of society she would be most likely to succeed in.  Having no appetite for violence and none of her mother's talents in Herbalism, she decided to become a locksmith. 

She is happy for the first time in her life and hopes to make Iridine her home.

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