The Story of Murat Kjeldoran

"Come." Murat's slight counterpart uttered quietly.
"What, Xalrah?"
"I have something to show you."
Xalrah led Murat on an adventure he would never forget. The two brothers had grown up close, making friends and enemies alike in the Steps of Iridine. Nothing, not even the story I'm about to tell you would seperate him.
"What is it?" Murat asked hastily.
"Shh... c'mon, I'll show you."
The two brothers sped stealthily through the cobbles of Iridine, jumping from shadow to shadow. They soon saw the Iridine Bank's walls. Reflections of flames danced on the bank's marble walls, casting eerie shadows.
"What's going on?"
"It's a burning."
"Of who?"
Xalrah was silent. Murat gave him a sideways glance and asked again.
Murat gasped.
"How? Why!?"
"Shhh!" He whispered. Xalrah cleared his throat and lowered his eyes.
"He claimed to know magic."
"Aldaris? But he's just a..."
Xalrah nodded slowly. "He was messing around, palming a few things and playing with flash powder. Claimed to be conjuring, but the only thing he conjured up was a good show. A few bystanders took note and ran to the constables, ranting about his 'magical abilities.'"
"No... He can't..."
Xalrah looked up to find his twin's sorrow ridden face. He could only sigh and lower his eyes once more. Murat stood motionless, staring into the flames that surrounded what he knew as a good friend. The crowed cheered and drank merrily. A single tear fell from his eye as he dropped to his knees. He clinched the knife which he held so tightly his knuckles were white.
"Hey you kids!" A guard hollared. "I know you! You're the ones that were with that magician!"
Xalrah's head shot up and found a startled crowd staring straight at him.
"Murat! Get up! Run!" He exclaimed, but Murat didn't seem to hear. Xalrah picked up Murat from the ground. "I said run!"
Murat found reality once again: the mob of angry people. The two bolted away from side street to side street, shadow to shadow, deftly escaping the crowds.
All the rest of the night, Murat mourned for his friend. He vowed that if any injustice take place like the one that just had, he would not allow it to go unpunished. But the horror of that night still haunts him to this day.

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