Moonlite Crashton

Okay, I will try to keep this short. Well, my name is Moonlite Crashton (duh). I am a healer and as you may of noticed I never use double negatives. I was born in the Safelands. I lived by a crystal clear stream and my house was behind a hill. I have two brothers, Herc and Starhead (now dead, thank Ereal), and two sisters, Pheobe and Sunshine. Untill I was 13, my mother would not let me off my property. She was afraid of all the thugs. When I was 15 I was to marry Alex, you have probally already read his love letters to me. When he died, he made me want to be a healer. When I was 18 I left the Safelands and went to Iridine to find a job. Now I am just a 20 year old single girl that loves kids. So, that is my life.

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