Minxx Mystique

Minxx Mystique was always a kind-hearted person from the beginning. She always liked to think of people as good from the start, and always trusted people, even if she had reason to think otherwise. Born as the middle child, between Sterling and Vincentio, she was always the one who tried to calm down the hostile relations between her family members. Minxx was a fairly happy child, but this was probably due to her nievity of certain situations. Although she was older than Sterling, she admired Sterling's outgoing qualities, and followed ofter in Sterling's footsteps, learning all she could. Minxx was not as aggressive or volitile as Sterling was though, and had a much longer fuse to her temper. However, because Minxx's temper was so hard to provoke, her temper was also much stronger and powerful. When Minxx became so angry that her true temper arose, any memory connected to that event would stay deep in her mind, never to be forgotten.
When Minxx was sixteen, she was startled to find one morning that her sister had vanished. Having no sign of where she went, Minxx was deeply troubled and confused. She struggled hard to continue with her own training, remembering Sterling's vow of becoming better. A year later Minxx had become very skilled, and even surprised herself as well as her parents. It was then when Minxx decided that the time had come to go her own way and learn what she could else where. She kissed her brother goodbye and waved to her family. She had heard word from a visiting friend, that Sterling had left to Iridine to continue her training. Like Minxx had always done in the past, she decided to follow Sterling once more and surprise her sister with her visit.
When Minxx got to Iridine, she was very surprised and perhaps a little frightened at the world which stood before her. She asked many people about Sterling's whereabouts, but to no avail. Finally she approached a man who was sitting beside the road, looking deeply distraught. Being the good-hearted person she tried to be, she asked him what was the matter. As she gazed into his pain-striken eyes she felt tears brim up into her eyes and she was told that Sterling had passed away, only the day before. At this moment, Minxx felt her heart break and shatter. She had always tried to protect Sterling and keep her safe, and it felt that in Sterling's hour of need, she was not there. Deeply upset, Minxx took around Iridine, a mixed ball of confusion and pain. Her good-heart lead her to trust many people, and because of that was constantly stolen from and betrayed. Minxx's heart grew harder as time passed on. She lost much of her carefree nature that she had as a child and trained constantly, trying stenuously to make a place for herself, and in her mind a place for Sterling, like her sister had always wished.
Thus, wary with the world and yet still attempting to put her trust in the people around her, Minxx sets off to stake her claim and make her dream become reality.

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