Merse Dodger

*a man sits here absently flipping a coin, as you take a seat he tells you about himself*

I was born in the fair city of Iridine.  I've live with my uncle since age five when my parents failed to return from a trip to the Aestavian League.  My uncle was a good and learned man, and taught me a great many things while I lived under his roof.  He taught me to read and write, when to use my wits rather than my blade.  Around my seventh year I ran errands for people of Iridine, though it was mostly shopkeepers, Tavern owners, and occasionally a shadier variety of people  My uncle encouraged this saying I would get a close look at the motivations of people.  If it was within the walls of Iridine, I knew the best and quickest way there. After doing that for some time I grew bored and worked at crafting from wood.  Though I was moderately skilled, I held no love for the work, and turned to something else.  *grins*  Tried my hand at harvesting, not bad money in it...but *grins* not much excitement either.  As every Iridinian has I even went so far as to search out vermin in the sewers, but you might say I just didn't have the nose for that type thing.*grins*  During my 12yr year, I decide to see what life was like beyond the walls of Iridne. I travelled the roads, common and uncommon for five years, and saw many wonders like I'd never seen.  I saw the snow capped Blackroot Mountains, Cinerian Troops marching along the road to their capital, dark forests with starnge creatures cries heard on the faint winds, a roaming circus with all its brightly colored tents.  I was still content with my nomadic lifestyle, but one day I recieved a letter that my uncle was ill, and needed me.  So I returned home after all this time.  Oh here I've said all this and never introduced myself.. *stands and bows* 

"Merse is the name..Merse Dodger." 

*nods to you and takes his seat and returns to flipping his coin* 

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