Marnicus Iucundus

Marnicus Iucundus was born to Remathen parents who were loving... at first. By the time Marnicus had turned ten years old, the parents had become sick and tired of the trouble Marnicus caused. Due to his home life, Marnicus spent more and more time away from home, exploring the areas around, learning what he could about the plants and trees that grew in the area.

On his sixteenth birthday, Marnicus was drafted into the Remathen Army. Showing exceptional leadership skills, he was quickly promoted to a high-ranking position. The leader of many successful sneak attacks on nearby Cineran camps, he became in the favor of the Remathen Queen, Alinissa Condaia.

A little over one year ago, Marnicus' army regiment was ordered to guard a shipment of retalq on it's way to the Iridine-controlled port in the north. Still, to this day, Marnicus is the only living person who truly knows what happened on that fateful day. Somewhere between the Remathen capital and the Iridine-controlled port, the shipment of retalq was stolen and Marnicus' regiment was smashed. Marnicus returned home in dishonour, and was exiled to Iridine. He brought along with him his belongings and the money he had made in the army.

On his arrival in Iridine he found a cheap room to stay in and began working odd jobs and living off his savings. Eventually, however, his savings ran out and he was kicked out of his room. Marnicus Iucundus, the once-great Remathen officer, was forced to become a petty thief in the bars and streets of Iridine. Never forgetting his past, Marnicus decided to once again take up the gladius, the weapon he had forgotten how to wield.

Marnicus still dreams of his days in the Remathen Army, and his long-term goal is to ocne again become a member of an army, the Legio in Iridine.

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