Malezzerai DaSallant

Malezzerai sits down to the low desk in the apartment he shares with his fiance' Melania and rummages around in a drawer for Quill and parrchment, a moment later he is writting peacefully pausing only to dip his Quill in a small clay pot of ink or to gaze longingly across the study at Melania as she quietly reads a scroll regarding healing practices. Looking over his shoulder you read the following writting in a smooth and steady script upon a scroll of fine vellum.
'To Mer and Mes Feurtae ,

It has been a years time since i stole away with thy daughter , like a thief in the night and we together journeyed to iridine. I grieve wholeheartedly in the loss of thy darling.. but also i rejoice in each breath i draw in her prescence, so Mer and Mes.. i offer no apologies for Eloping as we did. For if the sun fled backwards until that days was once more upon us.. we would escape ye all again and make for the sea's. Mer...would ye have done less for Mes? and Mes would ye not have followed Mer ? if thy answer be nae.. then surely ye have my pity..tho never will i apologize.
Tho ye never approved of my kin Mer surely ye respected them for putting meat on yer table as they did for all the tribe without fail . and i once agin say to thee that the hunters be no less in worth than yer clan of Healers!! My father may have been a hunter , and i as well from heritage and birth but that be no reason to deny me thy daughters heart! or tae tell me tae deny my own! I say to thee agin that the hunters of the tribe are nae the lower of class because of the blood we spill for the tribe! And what of my mother ? A preistess of Erai'theran she was... held in esteem even above thy own clan in the tribe Mer.. what of that? Why did ye forbide us tae wed? it hangs yet heavy on me that our hearts would nae recieve thy blessings.
Since before i could first say the words have i loved thy daughter Mer...Since before i could dream it i knew i would marry Melania Mes. And that bond remained unbroken and unchallanged from that day to this one. And when ye demanded i depart from her that night ye found us in embrace ... my heart broke that i knew then how we would break thine.
So fled into the night we did that very eve as ye slept .. my ears still ringing and burning from the curses ye laid upon me and my kin that very same eve . and as i am sure the truth has come out now among the tribe .. i indeed did steal my fathers savings to pay our passage from the Tuchean Ports to the Harbors of Iridine proper. that shame will never be blotted from my soul... tho i have quietly dispatched couriers since to restore what i took , and then some back into my fathers coffers. We made fair time to Iridine and arrived safely here with all praise tae Erai'theran ..or Ereal as they know him here.
Since arriving Melania and i have strived tae create a life for ourselves here Mer.. and ye would do well to be proud of thy little flower, as she has nae been lax in the Healing arts and in fact tends better than ye Mes .. spoken and meant with no offense intended of course. I know it was partially a matter of poverty ye feared Mer .. having taken a good deal of time to consider why it was that ye stood against us so harshly. would i were tae have a child of mine own , and Erai' willing we will in time , i would wish for a life of comfort and ease for them as well Mer. i have taken the duties here of a locksmith.. and have found a comfortable life for us here . and in honor of my mothers passing , word of which arrived to me through the grapevine.. i have vowed to build a temple in the nearby city of vetellun from which tae assist the spirit filled lives of Altenes that reside here in the republic... so fear not Mer ... the author in me pays our meager bills though the literary arts i still persue and ye once used to praise so.. and we have a tidy savings now from our efforts together. your little flower will bloom with me , and never will i fail her.
Now comes the part in which dread fills my heart Mer and Mes Fuertae... it has been a year now that has passed . a year in which Melania and I have tasted the wine of Lifes Cup.. and walked the roads that lead towards destiny . And as ye know so well .. a year in which we have eluded our capture and return to the tribe . The old laws plainly grant us our freedom from thy grasp now... thy despisal of me should be put aside as i have proven that thy daughter prospers with me and i with her . and now i ask what it is that i fear to speak from my lips. Will you turn away from thy Anger at the wrong i have inflicted on thee by stealing thy flower? will ye not look away from the predjudice and bigotry of the tribe and grant me thy blessing to wed thy daughter and blessings to her to join with me?
According to the old texts.. a year and a day be all that we two needed to be free of thee and thy hold on our honor.. and so as i gaze out our insula window i see before me that in moments we shall have claimed that freedom .. and yet.. i would have thy blessing Mer .. i would have ye look upon us with favor Mes .. for i never meant tae cause pain for thee. but tae merely live in love with thy little flower. Melania means more tae me than all the gold in the world.. she means more to me than i mean to myself, and i would challange the gods themselves tae have her shine beside me for but a moment . but will ye relent Mer? will ye Consent Mes? i beg of thee as i offer my morning prayers to Erai'theran , to soften thy gaze towards us..and send word of thy blessing.. or no word at all ... For i Will marry thy daughter , and no man will prevail against me in this matter.

With all Respect, and Erai'therans guidance,
Malezzerai DaSallant

Sitting quietly after Rereading the letter to Melania's Parents , and thinking back on all the days since their arrival in iridine, Malezzerai carefully casts a handfull of fine sand across the Vellum missive to seal the ink. Blowing away the excess sand carefully and eyeing the scroll with a critical eye , he carefully rolls the scroll up and binds it with a thin ribbon of Crimson silk before placing it into a tube of bronze and then locking that tube with a final and decisive 'click'. Looking across the Insula's study his eyes fall once more onto Melania . She has fallen asleep at her studies once more, her manuscript still held in her delicate hand. Dropping the scroll tube into the outgoing missives bin beside the desk , Malezzerai gently took the leather bound sheaf of pages from melania's hand and set it aside , mindful to mark her place as he did so, then scooped Melania up into his arms as one would a sleeping child. Her eys fluttered open slightly as she murmured half asleep 'mmm? Malezzerai?..'
Carefully he carried her tae bed , laid her down and then nuzzled up beside her .holding her closely and gently as her breathing slowly slid into the soothing and soft rhythm of sleep . kissing her ear ever so softly he wishpered into her ear in altene ' Y'firaiah ne Melania ...y'firaiah ne...' and together they slept in their first day without shame.

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