Life in general has been pretty easy for me. So far I have had none of the suffering I hear of others. I thank Ereal for that. I feel sorry for those others, however, and have dedicated my life to prevent the deaths of others to the best of my ability.
Coming to an understanding of my true nature took a while for me. As with most Altenes I was trained in the use of weapons at an early age. I never saw the same level of passion in me for the arts of war, however necessary they may be.
I cam to this pass at the age of 16, with the realisation that I must dedicate my life to the healing arts. My cousin Cadek and I would spend hours practicing our bandaging on my fathers stock of pigs *grin*.
My mother, Regeane, was a healer of sorts before she met my father, and has always been there for us when we would get up to our childish tricks, and injure ourselevs tree climbing.
My father, Lacronus, used to be in the legio, but now is making a living of sorts as a farmer.
My elder brother Erars, is a member of the Grey Swans. I do not envy his life, though I accept it as he is my brother.
My sister Capria, is married to a Legio Officer by the name of Gothra, she is sweet, and will no doubt some day bear him good stock.
My younger brother Yomi is a terror. He is 12, and is threatening to come to Iridine at some point. I hope that he does not carry out his threat.

It is strange the way in which I cam to this fair city.
I knew I wanted to be a healer, and had been mulling over the idea for sometime before broaching the subject to my father.
We argued. I should have known that would happen.
'Why can't ya be a fighter like the rest of ya friends?', he pleaded.
That day I believe was the turning point.
I stormed off in a huff and was surprised to see a man, stumbling towards me. Bleeding, and dirty, he fell into me grabbing hold of my shoulders, uttering profanities before becoming intelligible.
He spoke of a fight far away, and of the need to muster the standing troops, just before falling unconscious.
Ripping up my tunic I tended to his wounds, and then half-carried, half-dragged the poor man into our kitchen. I layed him on the kitchen table and called out for help.
My father, mother and younger brother came rushing in. On seeing the man on the table my father gasped, and told me that the man on the table was none other than a Captain Lemart of the Grey Swans.
My mother quickly tended to Lemarts' wounds as I told my father what he had told me.
Leaving the house my father told me, ' You've done well, son', before running off in the general direction of the main village.
Yomi, with boyish curiosity was staring at the man on the table. He started to poke at the mans gaping wounds, and in result received a smack from my mother for his efforts.
'Do something useful', Regeane said to him.
My mother then expertly sewed Lemarts' gashes, and told me that she understood my need to heal. She told me I should follow my heart in all I do.
I have never forgotten her words, never. That is what I shall do.

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