Lysia Rose

Lysia Rose was born in Tuchea 20 years past. Ten years after the end of the war. Her father was a fisherman, her mother a basket-weaver. Although that war was short, it left her small peaceful family wretched. The eldest of four children born to Davius and Gwenivere Rose, she was the only one to survive past age 4. This says something for the young and spirited girl. Although she was mostly bones and her hair was dull and brittle from malnutrition, her eyes never could be made to stop their sparkle. She knew only a small corner of the tiny country which, in her eyes, was vast and unknown. She never laid eyes on Tuchea outside of the many acres her father claimed only because no one else wanted it. Her own people were nearly as alien to her as those of the seemingly mythical Iridine. She grew tall as her age advanced, but she never seemed to grow larger. Always she was with the deep circles beneath her eyes and the hollows in her cheeks. But she never resented her parents or despised her home. For the two poor and heart-broken people cherished the only child that had not been taken from them. They loved her dearly and sacrificed much of the little they had, that she might gain but a bit of strength. Then came the day that Gwenivere Rose, fell ill. It was a fever caught from poorly washed foods that made her ill. However knowing the cause presented no solution. The illness was all it took to cripple the woman who had for so long been fighting for every day she walked on Midlight. She recovered from the fever but was bed-ridden. It broke Davius's heart to see the woman to whom he'd promised so much reduced to these circumstances. And the heart-break too took it's toll on the desolate trio. Lysia, at this time a 19 year old girl who, with a little nourishment and help, promised to be a beautiful woman, decided she could sit idly by no more. She had always helped her mother in any way she could. She cooked and carried and cleaned and sewed and even learned to weave. But she saw now her efforts had not been enough. So this poverty-stricken, home bound child struck out to parts unknown. She wasn't even sure Iridine was real, for she had never met anyone who had seen it. But with a bit of food she harvested from nature and some clothes, she set out to come to Iridine. Since she's been here she's practiced well in the art of healing. She wants so desperately to be able to go home and help her mother before it's too late. She has also taken up with the somewhat green Berach Caolainn. The two are to be married at the earliest possible convenience. And here is where the tale ends for we have reached her life as it is presently known

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