Lydie yawned and glanced across the table at you.
"Go ahead and sit, don't just stare it's rather rude" Lydie mumbles to you and you take a seat
"So...Where from?" You ask Lydie
"Who are you to ask so many questions? And for your information I'm from Sostaeran" Lydie answers quickly and sharply "Sorry...would you like a mug of ale to stand for apolgies?" You question
"No of course not. I am no drunk or drinker like yourself. I will take a glass of wine though, and if you consider me a drunk for that I hope you come to your senses as soon as possible." Lydie sighs
"Oh, Here." You answer and hand her the glass of wine "So, I'm not one to pry but tell me some about yourself"
"Me? Well...I've lived a difficult life. What few possesions I do have I protect with my life, sure, I am well bred and quite smart, but few do I met worthy of my time." she sighs and continues "I grew up in a hard life, my father was quite poor and he was nothing but a warrior. A strict warrior. Maybe it was for freedom that I turned to thievery. Just small things at first...a roll of bread, a glass of wine, whatever I could for survival, and nothing but. Never did I take more then I needed, but when my father discovered how I had been able to bring home dinner, he beat me and through me out on the street. My mother being dead was not there to protect me as she used to. Scared, I ran away from town and into the forest where I met a woman who taught me everything I know. What it is that I know you will have to ask me at another time for I must be going now." Lydie said as she stood and curtseyed to you.

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