Lotivus Divius

Lotivus was born in Gadaene to a somewhat rich family. His family did not have a history of being great or even skilled warriors. They were mainly a family of builders. But, Lotivus loved hunting and the adventure of exploring and learning. At the age of 4 he would hunt down and kill the field mice in his yard with his dog Feslone. He never got along with many of the neighbor kids because they liked juggeling, and dancing, and singing.
At the age of 8 out of a search for friends he ran away to the city of Sostaeran where he tricked a gladsman master into believing he was a poor Iridian boy. This gladsmaster named Solvius trained him in the principles and teachings of the Sostaerani. Thus he became a very serious and polite as compared to those in Gadaene.
When he returned home at age 11 his parents were furious at him. He was forced to work in the yard 5 days a week and in the process he grew very strong but not venegful.
At the age of 14 he returned to Sostaeran to live with Silvius. This time he told the truth to Silvius about where he was from, but, he explained his love for Sostaeran and how he had no feelings for Gadaene. Solvius trusted him and began to teach him about Iridine. Solvius also began teaching him the art of using a gladius. But, training did not last long. When he was 15 a Gadaene assassin came to kill him. Solvius told Lotivus to run and hide. On his way out, Lotivus grabbed a tin gladius and his large traveling sack and ran.
Lotivus hide in the forest for some time trying to get his thoughts straight. He came to the realization that his parents grew so furious at him that when he ran away and gave up his Gadaene heritage that they wanted no more than to have him dead. He wondered how Silvius did in the fight with the assassin and if he was still alive. His thoughts plagued him so bad that he went into a period of insanity. After about 1 day he pulled himself together and decided to head to the fabled city of Iridine.
Upon arriving at Iridine he was in awe at the splendor and greatness of the city which he had only read about. But, the city was much more glorius in real life than in the books. About one week after he arrived he met an Altene kniveman named Jorale who he quickly befriended.
He now lives his life in honor trying to help all that he possibly can and trying to stay dignified. One problem though is that he still suffers from short-term insanity for a few minutes until he can get it under control.

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