Livan Stallion

Livan Stallion was born in Iridine to a wealthy couple at the Stone Toga Inn. She grew up there, living quite happily with her adoring mother and father, an only child. Her last name came her father. His real last name had been DarathÖhe changed it to Stallion and gave it to his daughter because his friends had bequeathed him 'the Stallion' for his stunning, smooth way with a bow. He hoped to somehow raise his daughter to be such as well an archer and carry along the family pride.

However, on Livan's sixteenth birthday, her mother was in the forest helping victims of a bandit ambush to escape. When her back was turned, a bandit picked up the bow she had laid on the ground and shot her in the back. Her husband arrived on the scene just in time before she died. As she ascended to Ereal, she whispered in her husband's ear. No one has ever been certain the words spoken, but it is believed she said this:

'No more fighting. The violence must end. Never again shall my daughter pick up her bow, for she shall live peacefully, or my soul, Ereal forbid, will stir and shake in His hands. Let her help those who still fightÖlet her heal, and repair any damages the violence has done.'

With that, the lady breathed her last breath and ascended to His hands.

Livan's father was devastated. He told her daughter what her mother had said. He pleaded with her to comply with her mother's wish and never fight again. Livan vowed to become a healer and help others. As her father lay down his bow and took to his bed, stricken with grief, Livan tended him and trained in her new skill. When he finally joined his blessed wife, she sold all memories except for the special knife her father had given her on his deathbed. She never fights with it, yet carries it on her person as a memorial of her loving family. Now frightened but certainly not alone in her beloved Iridine, she lets the city take her where it may, giving back to it by healing those who need it and accepting the gifts of good Ereal with a stallion's heart.

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