Kry Ni

Kry Ni was born into the Remathen House Tuvalis on a warm summer afternoon. Kry's parents loved him about as much as there other children, until he grew to be 9 years-old. Like his other brothers and sisters he was expected to be a merchant and diplomat, but that was not destiny's choice for him...


Kry slowly was walking home from his studies with an elderly scholar when he passed a tavern. A tall slender man stood surrounded by six large men all wielding gladii. Kry decided to watch the fight as he could easily see that the slender man had no chance at winning, the man didn't even have a weapon drawn. The slender man slowly parted his black cape revealing a pouch and a small leather sheath on each hip attached to his belt. The leader of the six large men began to step forward wanting to end this quick, but in a flash of speed the slender man held a dagger in his hand and blocked the large man's first strike at him. With the same accurate speed he returned a stab to the man's gut deftly dodging his blocking sword. It wasn't long after until all six men lay unconsious on the ground, leaving the slender man without a scratch. Kry slowly then walked up to him," Please sir, I wish to be able to do that as well." The man chuckled," aren't you alittle young to learn the knife, besides what would your parents say." "Please sir, I'll pay you for the training," said Kry pleading with the man."For 20 Iridinian Denars I'll teach you the basics kid and give you some pointers on how to be good at them," said the man putting the dagger back in its sheath and pulling his cloak back tight around him. Kry began to meet with the man every day after that. He was skipping his scholarly studies to train with the knife and was getting quite well with the basics. His Remathen Heritae helped him learn as his perception was very good, allowing him to see openings easily."You are learning well child, you will be better then me some day if you keep at it," said the man one day while the rested."Really? you think so," said Kry happy. "Yes, your perception is much better then mine ever could be trained too, us Iridinians aren't given that gift at birth," said the man soundly."Yes, but people in Iridine aren't born into houses where being a merchant is most important," said Kry looking at the ground."Don't worry kid maybe someday you will see..." the slender man was cut short as three guards moved into the area. "Kry Ni, you have no business being with this roughen, step away from him now," said one of the guards approuching the slender man. Things then happened quickly as the slender man tried to defend himself and succeeded for awhile until the three just used brute force against him. Next thing Kry knew was a gladius pommel as shot into his face and things started going black. He awoke in the main chamber of his house, being stared at by both his parents."You have betrayed us son, promise us now that you will forget your skill or pay," said Kry's father harsely. "Where is my teacher?" demanded Kry. "He is in the dungeon where he will always be," said Kry's mother sounding equally harse. "I recant myself as a member of this house and someday will return to free my friend, I swear upon this," said Kry."Then you will join him there," said Kry's father standing up and motioning for two guards nearby. Kry remebered now that he hadn't learned just knife skills with his teacher but also speed and timing. Kry looked around and jumped upon a nearby house banner which he used to climb up onto the balcony. "I shall return father," said Kry as he charged at a nearby window and went through it. Kry landed safely in a back alley and quickly started running through the streets toward the end of town. he stopped at a nearby friends house and picked up some supplies and a tin dagger. "I'll be back!" said Kry again as he left town. He traveled the land route through Cinera and because of his family name he managed to get through it unharmed. He soon arrived in Iridine his teacher's home, and now trains for the moment he will return to Remath and free his Teacher and Friend.

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