As a young child i lived in altene. My father, a well trained fighter who used an altene fangstave, tought me early the art of combat but i never really liked his style of fighting. He never approached much and i really thought this wasnt a good way of fighting. My mother was a healer who would patch me up when i got mad at my stave and punched whatever i was fighting and it hit me a few good times. At age 13 i decided to run away from altene, possibly forever. I ran for about a month when i found a child about my age resting on the trail i took. I introduced myself and found out his name was Lunarius. He also came from altene and after much talking he decided to come with me on my journeys. We began to talk about our families and found out we were cousins. My father never spoke of Lunarius or any of his part of the family because when they were young they fought and have been at odds since then. After about 1 year of traveling and wandering i happened to catch a glimpse of a great city about a mile away. I walked south faster and faster until i could see it more clearly. As i hurried along i found a sack that someone must have dropped so i picked it up. It contained a gladius and a few denars and an address that had the name Gilven on it. After much debating Lunarius and I found Gilvens and i soon learned the art of one-handed swords. I really liked this skill because it gave me a chance to approach my opponent. At gilvens i heard of a place called the Stone Toga Inn. I decided this would be a nice place and went there. Lunarius and I found out of a place near there that was an entrance to the city sewers which contained many rats and osecars and then we didnt know it but there were also snakes there. After much hunting we gained enough skill to advance and we earned enough money to buy armor. Soon after gaining the rank of praciced swordsman i started hunting thugs in the alleys near the toga and hunting in a wild place called the mines north of monlon. Ever since then i have been living in Iridine, Monlon or Vetallun and hunting for skill or making friendships in many different ways. I have never been back to Altene although i would like to see my long lost parents. Hopefully they are living as happily as i am.

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