Kerwyn Thorne

Kerwyn 'Keyla' Thorne, born 8th day of Jemros, 195th day of the Rpublic

My parents like to tell me that the day I was born was one of the rainiest day they've ever seen in Altene, and they knew that I was going to be trouble. Well, as I dwell upon my childhood, I seem to think that their feeling had become true.

One story they particularly like to tell takes place when I was three years old or so. I was in the family tavern, entertaining the guests (mostly drunk to a degree), with my toddler boy antics, when I came up to a good friend of the family. Well, he was very drunk off of the posca that he called mother. Very bluntly, in one of the 'cutest voices I've ever heard out of you' (Sarah Thorne, mother), I said to him, 'Sir, you smell like posca, and it stinks.' Well, besides being a good friend, he was also an officer in the army. Everything turned out okay.

Back to the serious stuff, in the 199th year of the Republic, my sister, Maralis, was born. Not too long after that, my parents had saved up a lot of money, and they decided that we would take a little vacation out of Altene for a few weeks. Well, my father, Cassius Thorne, was born in Remath (that's why he was able to stay out of the little wars), so my parents decided on a little trip there.

When we arrived, we immediately heard about my father's mother's death. From what we heard, his father, who had died a few years ago, had accumilated a lot of debts, and could pay them off. She was able to hold the people off that wanted money, but they had gotten through, and ended up killing her, and taking everything of value.

We stayed in Remath for a week or two, resting up, and my father gathering as much information as he could. He was often out until way after the sun had set, but he never said exactly why.

When we got back to Altene, my parents opened up the tavern again. Nothing else big happened until I was seven, and he hired a trainer to train me in staves, for he didn't dare send me to one of the Altene schools. Through all that, my father told me a lot of things about what he had learned in Remath, and about other stuff. For some reason, it lit a fire in me, that just led to greater things.

I was a pretty out going child. I had a lot of friends, and I was notorious in the general area of the tavern to be a little wild. Some times it would be singing for patrons of the tavern, and gain some money, and others it would be barging into people's houses singing. No one got mad, though, they seemed to actually like it, for most of the boys that age were really serious, like they had their sense of humor beaten out of them (heck, some people when they're fully grown up seem to be like that).

Nobody would ever say that I did anything wrong. I was a very good child, and I just didn't do anything to get me in trouble. But there was a dark side to me.

Really there's nobody alive that knows about it. I would be safe to say my parents are the only ones that know. I had joined one of the more 'lower' mercenary clans. I was known in there as a 'silent agent.' Basically, I did all of my stuff in complete secrecy. Mostly I did spying stuff, and finding out where someone was going to be before they sent out the mercenaries that actually finished the job, but I did a few assassinations myself.

When I was fifteen, I told my superior about everything that my dad told me, and asked if I could get leave to go to Remath to get revenge. He was impressed, and let me go there on my own to take the job.

Once in Remath, I established the people that were involved with the killing of my grandmother. After that, I spent the next year watching them carefully, getting everything that I would encounter mapped in my head so I could go through them blindfolded.

To make a long and gory story short. I set a trap for the three men, at a pier. With a few Sifaros that had tagged along with out me knowing, we corned them, and I repaid the debt. I sent my friends back to Altene, with a letter to deliver to my parents. I stayed a day longer to clear somethings back. I then fled to Iridine, wanting to get away from the Altene life.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were people out from the mercenary clan, watching me, waiting for their chance to get me. I've lived here for awhile now, so I'm starting to hope that they're not after me. But I don't think I'll ever know the truth. It's a hard subject to talk about, so if you're reading this, please don't ask, I don't like to talk about it.

So now I like to hang around the Toga Inn alot, drinking wine. I hope to open a tavern (maybe with rooms, even), so I can settle down (if you'd like to donate to the fund for the building, please contact me). And that's my life.

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