Kaeis Knight

In Altene there lived an adventuresome boy named Kaeis Knight. He was an excitable lad who had a turbulent childhood. He followed his youth with a trip to the city of Rome that landed him in a world of wonder. After a short stay in Rome the young man went to find his lost sister, he came back as the changed man you know today.
I was just beginning to walk when my father, Graffin, taught me the first lesson on trapping game and surviving in the lush wild surrounding our house. He showed me these things during the two-day break that he took at the end of each month. I really loved my father for teaching me the ways of our family and being an admirable dad, but I despised that he was always away from home. I understood that he had to make a living for us but we were one of the few, two to three, middle class families in the city. I think he could have spent a little more time with us but I loved him none the less for it.
When my dad died I was in a state of horrid wonder. Here was a man, a wise thirty years of age, which had his life taken by disease as simple as the pox. I had no comprehension of why I was looking at his cold and dead body. It seemed to me that Altenians should not be given a gray grave of name but to die a noble death; such as in a bloody skirmish or of old age after a somewhat successful carrier. Instead my dad left my mother, my sister and I to celebrate my sixth birthday alone.
It was the 4th of Tulcas, six years and three days past birth for me. It was warmer in Altene than expected. This was a good thing, for my mother had moved us into a small shack in a forest south of Altene. It got rather cold at times under the giving canopy of trees but I had plenty to do as far as far as work went.
In addition to this I was the one child in my family that did not become spoiled rotten. By the time my powerful sister had reached the age of four, she knew how to get anything she wanted using that somewhat special twinkle in her eye. Not a good thing for me because her method usually included blaming yours truly for a task which was not of my nature. But her twinkling youth prevailed and I was punished seventy-five percent of the time. No matter, I had the white memories of my father to look to for guidance. My mother was at the leather working shop all day. I couldnt stand the fact that she left me every day. Even when the old woman was home she was punishing me for Evies wrong doings. I hated the goat, but Ive never said a bad word to anyone about her.
I speak of my dear mother in the past tense because she lost her life while at home with my sister.
It began when I was fifteen years of age. I had been perfecting my abilities in the forest and was coming along quite well. I could do most requests with ease. Other than finding tracks, that was still a difficult procedure for my youthful years to follow.
As I was saying, my mother and the beloved twinkle were spending some time at the house and I was snaring a small rabbit in the woods. I, about one thousand paces from our stead, stood quite, waiting for the tiny creature to come one step closer. At this time I heard a great deal of screaming and shouting coming from the direction of my domicile. Needless to say so did the bunny and it bolted away. There goes supper I thought. I grabbed my rabbit stick, being the sharp weapon with which I killed my catch, and got on my way to the house. I went at a half hearted pace, because I figured that my sister was finally in a bit of trouble and that mother was just giving her the go-round. Unfortunately I was wrong, as I reached a distance at which I could make out the sharp words being broadcasted I burst into a red sprint. I thought to myself Whats going on? What the bloody hell is going on?!
As I reached the house I saw my mother being taken advantage of by several dirty looking men. They were raping my mother! On my dooryard! Shaking with anger, I reflexed to my self-the words my father had once said before he died, Kaeis you are my one light, and you know that no matter what you do I will love you. But I hope you realize that when I am no longer here you, you alone Kaeis, will be responsible for the wellbeing of our family. The moment that you fail to protect our family is the moment in which you have failed me. As I felt the wet tingle on my skull I didnt realize that I had already slew six of them. With their pants down the marauders were no match for my blood-lusted state. My father meant the world to me, and still does and for some reason, right now, the meant more than ever. I hacked my way through the attackers and must have scared them because they began to flee. I swear I heard my sister calling for me to help her several times. I was extremely fatigued and had to collect my thoughts, I was going crazy.
I will tell you this, I am not a fighter, I never have been and during this time I wished I had never become one. During the previous battle I surmise that what little I had learned from my woodsmanship and the bits that my father had taught me about combat came in together with the sheer power of anger to create a well developed fighting machine.
I awake to the stench of rotting flesh and a pleasant countenance hovering above me. It had a look or worry smeared upon it. Ello dear, auts meh, Ant Crassis. She said this with such humor and life that I forgot about my surroundings for a brief second. I tried to move my arm up to touch her smiling face, so as to make sure she was real. Pain instantly blasted towards my shattered mind as I realized that my jellied arm was bandaged in cloths soaked in red. I could see a physical break in two places, along with the blood that was dried in a crimson trail down the top of my body. I assessed to myself my head is bleeding, my arm is broken and there is someone left alive, I am going to be killed.. My senses were still astir from the bloodlust that had occurred earlier. I was shocked back to the world with It looks like you had a little help with these ruffians she gestured to the sixteen rotting bodies, Did a few of the townsmen save you? Why did they leave you here? Wouldnt they have taken you back to the medical center? I shakily replied to her, Itsgoodtoseeyou before I fell cold.
The next time I regained consciousness I realized that Aunt Crassis must have been looking for mother and Evie. The shouting of: Helen?! Evangela?! Come out, its safe now! Could be heard all around my ramshackle hut. I meekly responded with a low groan.

Chapter II

After I explained the events to auntie several times she finally excepted my story. I told her that Evie was probably dead or was taken to Iridine to be sold as a slave. She responded with telling me that in four to six months I could go and look for her. I began mentally preparing myself to for the trek.
My aunt gave me the money that she received from armor that she had removed from the bandits and sold to the local leather shop. I put the denar in my backpack, grabbed my rope and rabbit stick and set out inquest for my sister.
As I passed through Darpin I was almost mugged, but a strong looking man saved me. As he stepped into the dark alley it seemed to grow a little less shadowy, as did my heart. This man stepped up and asked my assailants, Is there a problem, my good sirs? The responded with terror to the gallant quip and turned tail. This man had just saved my life without lifting his finger, let alone his massive stave.
Needless to say, I was astounded. Here was a seemingly invincible man who instilled an incredible amount of fear without doing a bit of harm to anyone. We began to talk and it seemed as if we almost knew each other. Amazingly enough, he was also headed to Iridine. We consented to travel together and on the way became very close.
As it turns out this mans name was Witinger. We were cousins, which isnt uncommon due to the fact that we were both Altene. We both also shared knowledge of the stave. We got to the city and over several years became the best of friends. During these several years many events took place. I found my sister, my friend got married, I met the one to whom I shall be married and I disowned my stave for the axe. These events will be related to you when I have the time to tell of them. Until then I will be writing my past in pen and my future in my actions.

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