Yeah, I've had my rough and ready days alright. Never was to keen on organized stuff- law or crime. For a while, I had my own little gang in Remath. Yup, those were the days for sure. No one could touch me. And don't think the poor bastards didn't try! Nah, the trick to being a successful outlaw is always staying one step ahead of the law. Anyway, I wasn't advancing much in society in Remath, y'know, they didn't like my style to much. So, I decided to check out the scene in Iridine. I found I liked the place. Even started doing, y'know, some good girl stuff. Didn't steal, didn't drink, didn't do nothing wrong. But, y'know, all good things must come to an end. I decided to make a few easy bucks, rob a bank. I went over to Vetallun (y'know, that town on the end of a pimple on the arse of the world?) and roughed the clerk up some. Okay, I roughed him up a lot. But he had it coming, y'know? The bleeder (pun, there) wouldn't tell me where the cash was kept. I guess he was even more afraid of Seneda's little boys than he was of me. I left him when he went unconscious. Dumbo. Anyway, got a little surprise as I left the premises. Couple of connies were waiting for me! I gave 'em the tail, and ran like a demon. Spent a bunch of time out in the marshes, making nice-nice to the bandits out there. I had to cut a few throats in the process, but they respected me, y'know? Finally, that insufferable arse Deverius says that if I didn't give myself in right that moment, he would double the counts against me. I sort of laughed my arse off at him, and he said some not-nice stuff about me. Finally, he decided to put a talent on my head. Ready for a bit of action, I went into town to befuddle the townsfolk. I led 'em on a merry chase throughout the alleys for a while. Sweet Dionysus got a coupla nice hits on me, so did Fionn if I've got a head on my shoulders, but I guess I'm go to fast for mosta the men around here. Anyway, long story made short (or is it to late for that?) Deverius just sorta got phased out, darlin' Locanda got made Captain, I gave myself up to her, spent a bit of time in jail (Bubba's a really great guy if you get to know him) and got myself out. And I'm a perfect angel, now. I am, I'm telling you, I am!

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